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Sick From Bad Water

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CBN provides clean, reliable water in needy regions of Africa and Asia. Learn more.

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Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Every day, Pushpa took her rope and her copper pot, and walked miles to fetch water.

Pushpa explained, “Rajasthan is a desert area and it is very hot in the summer.  In the most extreme heat, we need more water, so in one day we make several trips through the hills to get water.  We get so tired.  Our feet hurt, and our heads ache from dehydration.”  

The water source wasn’t just far away.  The water from the open pit was filthy.

“My children were always getting sick,” said Pushpa. “I felt like our lives would never change or improve.  We would just continue to suffer like our ancestors.”

Then Pushpa heard about Jesus from a relative.

Pushpa said, “I visited her home church a few times with my husband, but when our neighbors found out about that, they got angry with us.  When we became Christians, my in-laws ostracized us, and we felt like we were alone.  I told people, ‘I will survive alone in the jungle, but I will not leave my Lord.’  This went on for years.  All that time, I prayed to Jesus for clean water closer to my home.”

When the pastor contacted CBN, we sent a team to dig a well in the village.  Soon everyone had access to clean water.

“I was overjoyed,” said Pushpa. “The water is now really close to my house, and we are really happy. We do not have to suffer or get sick anymore.”

Since then, many people in the village have given their lives to Christ.

Pushpa explained, “They saw our faith in action.  People who once opposed us for our faith are now believers.  They have seen the power of God.”

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Did you know?

CBN is building family and community wells that provide clean, reliable water in needy regions of Africa and Asia. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

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