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Heartbroken Over Baby Daughter’s Face

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Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

The Lin’s live in a village in GuangXi, where people pray to an ancient tree.

“It’s our patron saint,” explains Mr. Lin. “We believe it has a soul and a spirit. So, before my daughter was born, I kneeled before the tree and asked it to give me a healthy and beautiful little girl.”

But YanLi was born with a cleft lip and palate.

Mr. Lin deduces, “The tree god made a joke out of my daughter. So, I got a red necklace blessed by a witch in town and had YanLi wear it.  It was supposed to heal her mouth.”

He was heartbroken when the talisman didn’t work, and his daughter got worse.

He says, “Sometimes she choked on food, and she couldn’t absorb nutrients.  She cried so much. When I looked at her thin body and her ripped lip, I vowed that I would get YanLi surgery.”

Mrs. Li is sick and can’t work, so Mr. Li did everything he could to make extra money.

He shares, “My back was always sore at the end of the day, but YanLi, she always ran to me with open arms, shaking her little hands and smiling, like, ‘Dad, don’t give up!’”

Meanwhile, other children started teasing YanLi.

“Kids said, ‘That baby is so ugly, it looks like a rabbit monster!’, Mr. Lin recalls.   “Then they screamed and ran away.  It was awful. YanLi got so weak that she couldn’t even smile.  All I could do was hope for a miracle.”

When Mr. Lin took YanLi to a health clinic in town, a doctor introduced him to CBN, and we set up free cleft lip and palate surgery for her.
Mr. Lin smiles and says, “Her mouth looks so good now. She can eat so she’s gaining weight and getting taller.  She’s healthy and beautiful!”

We also shared the love of Christ with the Lins.

“I know that our blessing came through Jesus, so now, I want to learn more about Him,” shares Mr. Lin.  He concludes, “Thank you for telling us about your God and giving my daughter many bright tomorrows.”

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