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No Selfie With His New Baby

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Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

Mrs. Li remembers the day RuoXin was born.  She says, “I was so happy when I heard my baby cry for the first time.  But instead of giving RuoXin to me, the doctor went out to talk to my husband.”

Mr. Li reveals, “I was ready to take a picture of RuoXin and post it on social media the minute I saw her. But when the doctor said, ‘There's something wrong with your child,’ my heart sank, and I put my phone away.”

The Li’s daughter had a cleft lip and palate.

“When she looked into my eyes, it was like she said, ‘Mom, I know I don't look good, but please don't leave me,’” weeps Mrs. Li.  “Our hearts connected, and I vowed to do whatever I could for her.”

Feeding RuoXin was especially hard because she choked a lot.

“I was afraid she would suffocate to death,” admits Mrs. Li.  “She threw up and didn’t absorb nutrients, so her immunity was bad. She couldn’t gain weight and she got sick a lot.”

When the couple took RuoXin out, they covered her face, but people started talking anyway.

Mr. Li remembers, “One person said we had a freak baby. Other people said she was ugly and stupid.  And friends from out of town started messaging me, asking, ‘Is everything ok with your baby?’ I didn’t know how to reply.”

He was consumed with trying to find a way to get RuoXin surgery before she was too old.

“My parents even sold their only two pigs, but it wasn't enough,” says a concerned Mr. Li.  “I felt useless, watching my baby grow thinner and weaker. When I touched her tiny body, I was really afraid she would die anytime. I wished someone would do something.”

Then a doctor told the couple about CBN, and Mrs. Li wrote us a letter.
“When we heard CBN would pay for our daughter’s surgery, we cried tears of happiness,” exclaims Mrs. Li.

Two months after the operation, RuiXin almost doubled in weight!

Mr. Li says, “My daughter's lips have been mended.”

Mrs. Li adds, “Now she’s healthy and can eat by herself.”

Proudly, Mr. Li comments, “I finally posted a picture of RuoXin on social media, and everyone praised her beauty. I’m very grateful to the donors at CBN.”

Mrs. Li concludes, “Your love has given our daughter a wonderful life. Through CBN, now I know God. I’m very thankful for what He’s done for us!” 

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