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From Hiding in the Shadows to a Bright Future

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

After her baby was born, his mother Srey Phea (pronounced “srey PEER”) was afraid to show him to anyone. That’s because Daro had been born with a cleft palate.

“I was afraid our neighbors would laugh at him,” she told The 700 Club. “They asked me why I never took him outside. I lied and said ‘It’s because he’s too young.’” 

“At first, I hated how he looked but later I started to love him,” added Daro’s 5-year-old sister Srey-Kar. “When mom fed Daro he choked and it poured out of his mouth. I want my brother to get an operation. I want him to have lips that are the same as mine.” 

Daro’s father tried to save money for the surgery but, because of the Covid pandemic In Cambodia, his motorcycle repair business was suffering.

“I couldn’t sleep at night because my son needed formula to drink,” recalled So Thy (pronounced “so TEA”). “Since Covid there has been very little money. I did not even have a way to take him to the hospital."

When Operation Blessing learned about their needs, we arranged for Daro to receive free transportation and free surgery at a hospital in the city.

That operation was a success.  “Daro can now eat fruit & drink formula,” said the boy’s mother. “He’s gained weight and he never choked again. And I no longer need to hide him like before! I can now take my son out every day to visit friends and family. My son now has a bright future.” 

Meanwhile, Daro’s father is now back to work and able to provide for the family. “To the donors who helped to fix my son’s lip, I wish you good health and prosperity and may Covid stay away from you!” he declared.   

“Now my brother’s lips look great!” added Srey-Kar. “Thank you for fixing it.” 

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