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His Face Caused Nightmares!

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Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

Nothing could keep Ting Ting away from her baby brother Yu Hao. The two were the best of friends until people started teasing Yu Hao about his face.

“All the people I knew called my brother an ugly monster,” said Ting Ting. “And one night I dreamed that he transformed into a wolf and scared me and all of the people in my class.” 

Yu Hao was born with a cleft lip and palate and needed surgery. But it would take his parents almost nine years to raise enough money for that. The Li’s live in a remote village in a tiny two hundred sixty square foot house. Mr. Li farms and cuts grass, but only makes $160 a month. And relatives refused to help.

“He already had a hard time eating,” recalls Mrs. Li. “I knew if he didn’t get surgery, the problem on his mouth would just get worse. I worried that when he was older he would not find a wife. And when we were gone, there would be no one to take care of him.”   

“He would not be able to speak,” said Mr. Li. “It broke my heart. And I felt like I was a horrible father because I could not provide a happy life for my son.”

 “I wished that I could’ve taken Yu Hao’s problem on myself.” said Mrs. Li “I just wanted him to get well.” 

But there was no timely solution in sight.

Then, they heard that CBN was co-sponsoring cleft lip surgeries for poor children like Yu Hao.  He wouldn’t have to wait until he was nine for surgery after all.

“The news made me the happiest mother in the world!” said Mrs. Li.

“My little brother’s surgery went so well!” said Ting Ting. “Now nobody makes fun of Hao. He looks lovely.” 

“Hao will be able to go to school like a normal child and have a bright future,” said Mrs. Li. 

“You have given my son a happy face and set a foundation to have confidence as he grows older,” said Mr. Li “You have shown us that in the midst of difficult times, there really are people who care and want to help.”  

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