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Holiday Help for a Deserving Military Family

Dory Nissen - 700 Club Producer

Corum served 5 years in the army as a combat medic.  His wife mackinsy is quick to praise him for his dedication to serve.

“He has a very big heart.  And when it comes to his patriotism.  I’m always so proud to be his wife.

Corum speaks just as highly of MacKinsey for taking care of their toddler Hunter and newborn baby Mason.

I admire her. She’s strong and I’m strong, but we’re stronger together.

Their strength was tested when, just before the holidays, Corum was denied re-enlistment due to troop downsizing.  So, instead of enjoying a season of peace and joy they were now facing financial turmoil.

Corum says, “I worry a lot.  It’s my job to take care of my family. I feel like I’m not doing my job. And that hits me pretty hard.

Corum and Mackinzy decided to use their final army transfer from Fort Campbell, Kentucky to go back home to Wisconsin. There, Corum could find a new job. But the couple was already behind on bills and rent and couldn’t afford a deposit on a new place in Wisconsin.

Mackinzy admits, “It’s very scary going into the holidays not knowing where we’re going to be.  We decided that we’re not going to buy gifts for each other this year.  I try to go to thrift shops when I can and with the little extra money that we have, which is not much.  Our boys need clothes and, we always need more groceries than we can buy.”

The couple relied on their faith in god that things would work out. They continued to pray every day.

Corum says, we both feel so much better after we’ve prayed, after we feel like the Lord has listened to us and God’s going to handle it.   I want her to feel peace of mind and I want us both to feel peace of mind within the marriage and with God.

The Kennetts got a huge dose of Christmas cheer when their small group leader Brian Flannery with Reboot Ministry, invited them over to tell them that Cbn’s Helping the Home Front was paying off the back rent due, paying an additional two months rent to get them through the holidays, and paying the rental deposit on a new home in Wisconsin.    

Corum replied, “Wow, Relief!  I don’t know what to say.”

Brian continues, “Also, we are going to sit down today.  And all the back bills you have, we are going to take care of those too.”

Mackinsy says, “God is good all the time.  Thank you.”
Brian goes on, “But there is more.  We want to make sure that you give those boys the Christmas they deserve.  So, here are $2000 in gift cards.  And as soon as we are done we are going shopping.”

Corum says, “I can’t even process that we are going to be ok.”

The Kennetts sat down with Brian and mapped out a plan to pay all of their delinquent bills.  Then, they were off on a shopping spree to buy what the family needed, including presents for under the tree.

Mackinzy concludes, “We couldn’t be more grateful for the blessings that you are giving us. And knowing that we’re going to give our boys a wonderful Christmas this year with everything going on, it’s such a relief!”

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