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A Father’s Promise

Shannon Woodland - 700 Club Producer

Brian and his two daughters Pearl and Daisy have experienced hard times.

Brian and daughters said, "No one gets left behind," Brian continued, "We came up with that because their mother walked out and left us when they were three and five."

Soon after, Brian was injured on the job and could no longer work, he couldn’t make his rent payment and his young family was evicted from their apartment.

"The consensus was, hey Brian, you can’t do this", said Brian. "And I said I’m not leaving my girls, because nobody gets left behind, nobody is going anywhere, am I?"

While his daughters stayed with relatives, Brian slept behind gas stations and rode his bike around town looking for work.

He said, "There were weeks I didn’t know what we were going to do. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was desperate."

After months of searching, Brian landed a job. But he and the girls still needed a place to live.

"We got a call from the River of Refuge, and it was a load off my shoulders."

"Many of these families, they don’t have anybody, they really don’t."

Stephanie Keck, Executive Director of River of Refuge in Kansas City, Missouri, met Brian and his daughters during their search for housing.

She said, "They need people, they need love and support. They just need someone to believe in them."

River of Refuge provided Brian transitional housing to keep his family together. Pearl and Daisy also got new school clothes and supplies.

Brian said, "I don’t need to worry where we’re going to stay, and the rest just falls into place."

Pearl added, " My favorite thing about the house would be most of the stuff we didn’t need to buy."

CBN got on board with River of Refuge and provided financial assistance to continue to help families like Brian's.

Stephanie said, "We’re trying so hard to provide this safe haven for these families, truly a refuge for them to be safe, for them to feel loved."

"Because we’re given this leeway, my attitude has gotten even better at work, and I just got a promotion, I’m getting a raise, I told the girls our blessings are starting to come in," said Brian.

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