The Climate Change Scam Unmasked


The apocalyptic climate change scare has always been a incestuous scheme by which some unprincipled scientists were able to wrest major research funding from governments and institutions, and thus stay employed and published. They have been aided and abetted by left-wing politicians and journalists who knew that supporting the climate change doomsday theory was a way to look caring and politically correct while advancing the only potent anti-capitalist agenda left after the fall of Communism.  Scientists who push findings supporting a man-made climate change doomsday get their grants and stay gainfully employed, while giving their benefactors, left-wing lawmakers and big media, the alleged "scientific" basis for stories and laws that bash capitalism. And just as during the Cold War, we have misinformed fellow travelers, including some conservatives, who repeat the climate change mantra on cue for the microphones.

Well, lookie here. It seems some hackers broke into the electronic files of one of the world's foremost climate research centers this week and posted embarrassing, informative emails from prominent climate scientists.  To climate change skeptics, the e-mails show that scientists manipulated data in order to make the case that human activities were causing global warming.  Here are all the alleged emails, in searchable form.  Enjoy!

Ah, but we're supposed to ignore this scientific bimbo eruption and remain calm because, as The Washington Post reassures us, long ago "the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded the evidence (for man-made, catastrophic climate change) was unequivocal."  Look, when the IPCC says that we're all gonna die from too much CO2 in the upper atmosphere, it's like the Beef Board telling us to eat more steak, with sincere apologies to the good people at the Beef Board for the comparison. Steak is wonderful. The IPCC on the other hand is the horrible United Nations repository for politicized temperature science where unscrupulous bureaucratic creatures make fat paychecks by scaring governments into gutting their own economies, lowering standards of living or putting bags over the butts of cows for a non-existent problem.

And be sure you understand that that word "unequivocal" above was carefully chosen so that you won't question the wisdom of the high priests. For only the clergy in this false religion understand the gravity of what we face. Your common sense is only an obstacle to faith. And it will never matter how cold it gets or how wrong the experts have been about our imminent destruction from monster hurricanes or rising sea levels. Nor will it matter that we now have these instructive emails demonstrating the corruption of climate science.  They won't matter because there must be a climate change threat. Because if we're not facing doomsday, a lot of bureaucrats and their minions in labcoats will be out of work.

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