Warnings: Sweden is Headed Toward 'a Cliff'


Here is my interview with the outstanding economic researcher Tino Sanandaji. Sanandaji has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and is a contributor to National Review. He is a research fellow at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm. His family is Kurdish and came to Sweden from Iran.

Sanandaji says:

  • Sweden’s experiment in massive immigration is destined to fail,
  • Swedish leaders are hypocrites when it comes to immigration, because almost none of them live among immigrants,
  • Sweden’s elite have formed what amounts to an “anti-racism cult” that has become a substitute religion,
  • and "Speech suppression" when it comes to negative facts about Immigration has reached totalitarian levels.

This interview is from November 2014 so if figures cited by Sanandaji have changed, it’s not his fault.

I’m calling some of my interview excerpts with important Europeans, “Warnings,” because that is what they are; mostly raw interview material that I judge to be incisive and prescient. This is the stuff you should be hearing from the “mainstream media” but aren’t because of their bowing and bondage to political correctness and, in some cases, cultural Marxism.

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