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"I have a worm in my stomach."

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CBN provides clean, reliable water in needy regions of Africa and Asia. Learn more.

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Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

XiaoYan always looked forward to the rain.

She explains, “Usually during the dry season, I had to wait at least two months to take a shower.  My skin got itchy.  I smelled bad, and I felt dirty.”

That’s because the only water Xiao Yan and her family had to bathe with or drink came from a pond that was hours away.   

“There were worms and leaves in it, and it made all of us sick!” explains Mrs. Tao.  She weeps, “My daughter got so bad that she couldn’t sleep.  I remember one time she was rolling around in her bed, sweating. She said, ‘Mom, I have a worm in my stomach.’”

The bacteria in the water was even more of a problem for XiaoYan’s little brother.

“My son was severely malnourished and I was afraid if my boy kept drinking that water, he would die,” recalls Mr. Tao.

So, the Taos spent all they had to buy fresh water for their children

XiaoYan confesses, “I couldn’t resist taking a sip, but I know my brother needed it a lot more than I did.  I hoped it would make him better.”

But after three months, the fresh water ran out, and the Tao’s son ended up in the hospital with severely inflamed intestines.

Mr. Tao confesses, “I thought about the bills, about the dirty water, and about my sick son.  I felt cornered.”

Mrs. Tao adds, “I felt death closing in on my son, like a black hole ahead.”

Mr. Tao contacted his village chief who put him in touch with CBN. We quickly paid for the boy’s medical care.  We also made sure there’d be no more close-calls, so we built the Tao’s a cistern and gave them a water filter.

“You have rescued my children from disease,” exclaims Mrs. Tao.  She continues with gratitude, “My son is healthy.  He can drink clean water and I don’t have to worry about his intestines getting infected anymore.”

XiaoYan exclaims, “Now we don’t have to worry about being dirty and sick. No more showers in the cold rain. I love this water.”

Mr. Tao concludes, “I learned that it was God who helped us through CBN.  He gave us hope and new life through you!”

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Did you know?

CBN is building family and community wells that provide clean, reliable water in needy regions of Africa and Asia. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

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