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“I keep thinking that tomorrow we won’t have any food"

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director


When eleven-year-old Khristine isn’t thinking about school, she said she worried about how her family would find enough food to eat, especially as the COVID pandemic continues in the Philippines where she lives.  

“I keep thinking that tomorrow we won’t have any food. What will happen to my siblings?” she told CBN.  

Khristine’s dad, Rodrigo, was born blind. He worked doing therapeutic massage at a nearby clinic until it closed because of the pandemic. Rodrigo said he gets a little government support but it’s not enough even to buy food.    

“During the lockdowns we had nothing to eat but a little rice. I just told my kids we have bear with it for now.”

When Operation Blessing learned about their situation we brought groceries which included a 13 pound bag of rice and other food staples. In fact that day we gave those bags to 40 families in the community. 

“What Operation Blessing gave to us is surely a big help to our families! We won’t have to buy these supplies for a while,” said Rodrigo. 

“I am so happy! Thank you,” added Khristine. 

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