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What does it REALLY mean to ‘take up your cross and follow Jesus?’ Reverend Joel Palser shares his insights on how to give up our lives for God. Listen


Reverend Stephen Pierce discusses the all-encompassing love of God and how it needs to be the breath of our very existence. Listen


Pastor Dan Backens believes living by the Spirit is essential to a robust life in Christ. Discover strategies to incorporate "Spirit living" into your own faith walk. Listen


Being in situations that require forgiveness are as unavoidable as death and taxes. Reverend Heath Burris shares his thoughts on the power of forgiveness in everyday life. Listen


Author and former Major League Baseball pitcher Barry Zito sits down to talk sports, faith and why a desperate attempt at self-help ended with complete surrender. Listen


Author Lori Wilkerson Stewart provides inspiration from her book, “Promises for Prodigals” with prayers you can pray for your wayward loved ones. Listen


Dr. Eric Thomas digs deep into the parable of “The Prodigal Son” and the implications that believers should be experiencing in their own faith journey towards righteousness. Listen


Pastor Archie Callahan digs into Romans chapter 12 to expose the good, pleasing and perfect will of God. Listen