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Kids Stampede to Sunday School!

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Want solid Bible Teaching for Kids? See Superbook Now! 

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Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

“I think Jesus wanted me to tell other kids about Jesus and the Bible!” said the young evangelist Nielson.  

13-year-old Nielsen already has the heart of an evangelist.  Nielsen attends a CBN supported outreach in Guatemala.  One day, the director asked him for  help. She told him she’d noticed how much he liked to read the Bible, and asked if he would like to teach the other kids the Bible using CBN’s Superbook.

Nielsen’s been teaching the class for 6-months.  Each week before class he sets up the room, chairs and the sound equipment.   He said something special happens when he calls the kids to come.  

“The kids run like a stampede into the classroom now that we have Superbook!” he told CBN.  “I greet them all and then we watch the episode together.  

Then Nielsen invites the kids to pray to receive Jesus as their Savior after teaching a short Bible lesson based on the episode.  

Nielsen’s favorite Superbook episode:  The Last Battle.  

“When I saw Jesus coming down from the clouds, I felt like he was fighting for me,” he said.  “And when I pray for each of the kids in my Superbook class, I fight for them in prayer like one of the angels!

Superbook is a tool God has given to me to tell children about the Bible.  The kids are like sponges that absorb everything they hear.  They are being radically transformed because of Superbook!” concluded the young evangelist.

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