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Hunter McWaters - 700 Club Producer

After nine years in an abusive marriage, Matika Garrison took her three kids and moved out. She soon found out how expensive it was to make a break. 

“The filing of the divorce was financially devastating,” Matika said. “I probably spent close to 25 to $30,000 on legal fees.” 

On a few occasions, Matika had to choose between paying her attorneys and her mortgage. To avoid losing custody of her kids, she chose the attorneys. 

“I think the hardest part for me was when I think I had missed two mortgage payments and I got letters in the mail that they wanted to start foreclosure on my house.” 

Matika emptied her retirement account to save her home from foreclosure and her divorce was finalized two years later. But because she was the primary provider, having a steady job in IT, the court did not madate her ex-husband to pay child support. 

“I would take money from wherever I could – a cash advance off of a credit card, wherever I needed to get money from, that's how I would pay for it.” 

Matika had to go on hardship programs to raise her three children, her mortgage company allowed her to temporarily pay half the normal amount. 

“For me, my purpose of being here is to provide a stable environment for my children. And if I can provide that, then something's really, you know, really wrong if a mom can't provide a stable place for her children to be and to feel comfort and relaxed and a sense of home.” 

A few years later, Matika was still paying off legal debts when she had a major health crisis… it was breast cancer 

“For every procedure that you have, you get three bills; one a facility bill, a doctor bill, and one for whatever anesthesia or technician you have…so over the course of 2015, I went through 27 weeks of chemo and 7 ½ weeks of radiation.” 

Earlier that year, Matika had made a decision to start tithing on a regular basis. In the face of this new challenge, she continued to trust God. 

“I believe its - God's consistence when we are consistent.” 

A few months later, Matika earned a promotion at her job. 

That new salary helped her pay down the last of her debts and medical expenses. 

Best of all, she’s now cancer free. Matika is doing better than ever, and “tithing” has become a part of her routine... Now she’s building a legacy of giving in her family. 

“If you begin your tithing, you will see god move in your life. You will see a hunger for the word like never before. But it starts with faith. It starts by taking that first step of faith of beginning your tithing. It is awesome to be able to give and be a cheerful giver. it is so awesome to be able to give openly and freely and actually show my children. It is phenomenal.”

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