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The Last Reformation


The Last Reformation Ministries, since 2011

Married to Lene for 20 years

3 children, 1 grandchild

Producer and subject of 3 films, The Last Reformation: The Beginning, 7 Days Adventure with God and The Last Reformation: The Life

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Torben was baptized as a baby in a Lutheran church in Denmark and confirmed when he was 14, but God and church traditions meant nothing to him. He grew up very shy; he had such a terrible speech impediment and he couldn’t pronounce his own name. At age 16, his mother had a stroke. Torben cried in his room, and prayed the Lord’s prayer from his whole heart, begging God to heal his mother. Nothing happened. He felt nothing. His mother spent the next year in the hospital. Torben wondered, “Is this all there is? God is not there - I tried, but he did not answer.”

Around age 18, Torben began drinking, fighting, stealing, etc.  One night he looked up and said, “Come on God. There must be something more. If you’re there, I want to know you. Come and take me.” He was thinking a UFO or angel would come and pick him up and wanted something supernatural, something real.  A few days later, Torben met a guy named Tommy who carried a Bible and invited him to church. At the end of the service, Torben  accepted Christ and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. He fell to the floor and experienced the power of God in his whole body. Now, Torben knew God was real, and he no longer feared death.

Torben married Lene and they started serving in church. He noticed that most Christians did nothing- they had no fruit. Torben didn’t want that to happen to him and his wife. Torben helped plant two churches, but still felt frustration because there was no fruit. Nothing that he read in the book of Acts was happening in his life, and that’s what he wanted. He read the parable of the fig tree and prayed, “God, you gave the fig tree one more year. If I do not bear fruit in the next year, take my life.”

Torben decided to start the year with a 40-day fast. During this time, he experienced both the fear of God and the love of God. He spent much of the time in deep repentance. He became so aware of his sin that he even questioned his salvation, but in the end, he felt God’s grace and freedom from sin. When that year was over, he had witnessed 150 people healed and had led 10 people to Christ. In 2011, Torben started The Last Reformation ministries and began traveling and ministering around the world. But he became frustrated once more, because most Christians lacked discipleship.

The next 4-5 years were very hard; his wife Lene became very sick and Torben began to suffer with depression and suicidal thoughts. During this time, they lost their friends, their church, and their home. Torben thought he was going crazy, so he started another 40-day fast. While fasting, God covered him with a new “blanket of faith.”  He just wanted more of God. So, Torben got rid of his TV and any distractions that kept him from hearing the Holy Spirit.   

Soon after, God told him, “Torben we need pioneers. Start a pioneer school.” So, TLR  started a small school online in their basement. From that moment, things started to explode. They launched training weekends, called Kickstarts, around the world, where they teach people how to pray for the sick, share the gospel, and baptize people. Additionally, TLR has 5 full-time Pioneer Training schools, the Jesus Hotel, and 3 Jesus Cafés in different countries.

Torben believes we are in the beginning of the last reformation. The church has become like a business, and it’s time to go back to what we read in the book of Acts, where people are led by the Holy Spirit. In 2016, his ministry released a movie called The Last Reformation: The Beginning. The film aired on God TV and other TV networks and had over a million views on YouTube. The film shows people all over the world being healed, baptized in water, delivered from demons, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Their story of Rita Chaima, a Muslim girl who planned to join ISIS, but met Jesus instead, went viral on YouTube. As she was being baptized in water, a demonic spirit manifested and came out of her.

The sequel film, The Last Reformation: The Life,” showcases the movement of disciples that is growing around the world—from Brazil to the Middle East to the living room of a rockstar. TLR: The Life features “Mambo No. 5” singer Lou Bega turning to Jesus. This film captures the moment Lou Bega and his entire household were overcome with the Holy Spirit and got baptized in water. Lou Bega said, “It is way better than winning a Grammy nomination… this is just the real deal!”

To host a free screening, please visit (https://tlrthelife.com) now to sign up (free screenings start February 25). The worldwide release will be March 31 on YouTube. The film will be available for download in over 25 languages.

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