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Debbie White - 700 Club Producer

Molly Stillman is the host of a successful lifestyle and fashion blog.  She has a loyal following of  moms and even major corporations. But just a few years ago, Molly was a depressed twenty–something, drowning in $36,000 dollars of credit card debt.

“I was so terrified because I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

Molly’s financial crisis started in college.  She signed up for tempting credit card offers and went shopping to relieve stress.

“When you are 18 and you don’t have a financial education, and you see a credit card with a $10,000 limit, you are like, I have 10,000 dollars to spend.”

When Molly started her first entry level job, she owed more money than her annual salary. Molly remembers, “Each month it got a little more difficult to pay off those bills, I can’t count the number of times I over drafted my account.  Molly began working side jobs to try to make extra money.  But before long, the financial pressure became overwhelming.

While looking at her bank account on line one day, Molly started to fall apart.

“I started looking at the numbers, it was like they were coming off the page because I could see the mistakes I had made glaring me in the face.  I reached this breaking point, because if you do any of that, working four jobs and barely making ends meet it really starts to wear you down.”

That’s when Molly agreed to attend church with her new boyfriend, john.

Molly explains, “I’ve tried all these things my way for a really long time, and look where it got me .I said, all right God, I’m going to do things your way.”

Several weeks later, Molly’s pastor preached a sermon about tithing and giving. “It was the first time in my life I’d even heard the word 'tithing' and I remember hearing some things like  giving 10% of your income to God about the Lord throwing out so many  blessings you can’t contain them.

The next Sunday, Molly gave her first offering of $50.

Molly says that day was another turning point in her life.“from that day forward,  I surrendered not just my heart , but I surrendered my wallet to God.

John helped Molly create a new budget that included giving.   

John says, “And so she had already decided ok well, I’ve decided to follow Jesus now, so for her there was no doubt, I’m going to pay this tithe and it’s going to be a step of faith.“

Molly says, “And a few weeks later, I received my first bonus check at work.”

So Molly tithed on her first bonus check, and increased her giving again.

Molly explains, “So as I started giving more, I saw a direct correlation in the blessings I was receiving I received another bonus at work, I got a raise.

John was watching closely as Molly’s obedience and faith were rewarded.

“Inevitably, when she would pay her tithe first, every single time, something would happen.”

The following year, Molly received a job offer that doubled her annual salary.

Molly was overjoyed. "I just started thanking the Lord for His blessings because he had been so faithful all the time.”

Molly paid off all her credit card debt and became Mrs. John Stillman. With no debt and new financial security, Molly was able to quit her day job and devote all her efforts to her lucrative blog.    

Molly and John continue to give generously as a couple because they know giving is the key to success.

John says “When I saw her really surrender her finances to God, I could very tangibly see the change from not tithing to tithing. So my message to people is take God at His word. He says trust me in this and see if I don’t open the floodgates of blessing."

Molly adds, “It was about taking that act of faith when I really didn’t know how it was going to work out. When the Lord said trust me, and I did, and he proved faithful.”

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