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Free Recipes: Amazing Home-Cooked Weight Loss

Author, Lose Weight By Eating, William Morrow, 2016

Blogger/Founder, www.loseweightbyeating.com, averages 350,000 monthly visitors, received 6.5 millions views, gained over 150,000 Facebook fans and 37,000 Pinterest followers

Completed Season 2, ABC’s The Taste Show

Her story featured on CBS’s The Doctors

Host of clean-eating video series on eHow.com

Writes for food, wine and travel columns for local magazines

Husband: Chris

Daughter: Sophia, 5

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Audrey, 36, says she was always the biggest girl in the room, even after trying every major fad diet.  “I was always told, “But you have such a pretty face.”  She tried everything but was heavier than ever and depressed. After Audrey had her daughter, she weighed 278 pounds and 5’ 3” – her heaviest -- and decided she had to do something different. 

“I was eating under 1,000 calories a day of frozen diet meals and drinking diet sodas and all along I was gaining weight,” she says.  She thought vegetables and wholesome food was boring, expensive and difficult to make.  “I had been brought up on Shake ‘N Bake, boxed side dishes, drive-thrus and microwaved meals – and realized I was bringing my daughter up on them, too.”  So in 2010, Audrey gave up her first love: diet soda.  When she lost 10 pounds the first week without any other modifications to her diet, Audrey knew she was on to something.  The next week she quit using all artificial sweetners and lost another 5 pounds!  The following week she gave up preservatives and dropped another 8 pounds!  After 11 months, Audrey went from a size 24 to a 4 and lost 150 pounds!  

Unfortunately, her cravings never went away so after month 2, Audrey had to figure out how to eat what she wanted without reversing all the hard work she had done.  By slightly changing her favorite meals, Audrey found ways to eat the naughty, delicious food she was craving, all while still losing weight.  She cut calories by adding in vegetables and swapping out high-calorie ingredients like butter and sugar for all-natural apple sauce and mashed fruits.  For example, for mac and cheese, Audrey took the calories from 800 calories per serving to 300 by cutting down on the butter, using sharp cheese for extra flavor and switching out metabolism-boosting almond milk for the heavy cream.  

She was so excited about her weight loss that she wanted to shout her breakthrough from the rooftops so she started a blog, Lose Weight By Eating.  Audrey posted recipes (all of which have been taste-tested by her husband) to share with any readers who may have stumbled across her articles.  “Now that I had the answer, I wanted to share what I’d learned free of charge to the masses,” says Audrey.  Her recipes and eating plan have helped thousands.  “The foods you crave may make you gain weight,” says Audrey.  “But you can give them a delicious makeover with some simple and inexpensive smart swaps so you can eat them every day.”  

Audrey will share:

  1. Nutty Chicken Salad Sliders (pg. 74-75)
  2. Pear, Rosemary and Goat Cheese Pizza (pg. 134-135)
  3. Veggie-Packed Lasagne (pg. 156-157)
  4. Skinny Sloppy Joe’s (pg. 82-83)
  5. Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes (pg. 246-247)
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