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Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Susana is a single mother raising her three boys alone. The first year after her husband abandoned them, they moved to the town of Iquitos, Peru and lived in a lean-to, made of tree branches and a tarp.

“When we used to use live in the lean-to, the wind blew it down and we all got wet. We woke up shivering from the cold,” recalled Susana.

Eventually she moved to a piece of land given to her by her brother. There she built a shanty made of scraps of wood and cast-off metal sheets. “I suffered a lot with my boys,” she said. “When the rains came with strong winds we felt the house move. The roof made noises and my sons got scared and cried.” 

“Sometimes it rained hard and when the wind blew, the rain came in and we got wet,” said 7-year-old Ezequiel.  
Susana did her best to improve the house and roof whenever she found a new piece of metal or scrap of wood. “This place did not have a good roof or strong walls. We had to eat on the floor. And we didn’t have a bathroom.” 

Susana also struggled to find work. She sold snacks on the streets, but her daily income was limited. There was only enough money for them to eat once a day. “What hurts me is seeing my little brother cry for food because mom comes home late at night,” related Ezequiel. “She worries about my little brother and me.” 
“I worry every single day,” declared Susana with emotion filling her eyes. “I can’t help it! It hurts me to watch my children suffer.”   
Then Operation Blessing offered to help. First, we built Susana and the boys a sturdy new house. “My biggest dream was to have a safe home for my children, with rooms, beds, and a table so we don’t have to eat on the floor,” said Susana.

Her new home has a kitchen, bathroom, beds, table and chairs, just like she asked for. “Thank God! Not only do I have a new house, I also have a refrigerator, pots, spoons, plates and other items to care for my children!” she said.  
Then to help her provide for the daily needs of her kids, we gave Susana what she needed—including training-- so she was able to start a business selling food from her new home. Susana said she now earns nearly 3 times what she used to make selling on the streets. 

“My brothers and I are happy because they gave my mom a house!” said Ezekiel. “Before we did not eat well, just once a day. Now we eat 3 times a day!” 

“My children sleep comfortably now they have their own beds,” added Susana. “They are safe, happy, and content. Thank you. I am so grateful.”

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