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Man's Life Changed by Wife's Dream

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New York Times best-selling author, Same Kind of Different As Me, (Thomas Nelson, 2017, 2006)

International art dealer whose regular clients include many celebrity personalities

Screenwriter/Producer of the Paramount Pictures/PureFlix film, Same Kind of Different As Me which opens in theaters October 20

Received his MBA from Texas Christian University

Married to Beth

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Ron was raised in a lower middle class section of Fort Worth, Texas. He went to Texas Christian University where he met Debbie. They kept in touch during his two year army hitch and married in 1969.  He entered the world of investment banking and by 1971 he began buying and selling paintings. As he became successful in the art business he quit the bank. They became Christians in 1973 with Ron leading the way and Debbie soon following his example. For the next fifteen years, Ron was busy growing his business. He bought and sold expensive art, traveled often around the world, and met private clients. “I changed cars like I changed Armani suits and tired of each new toy I acquired as quickly as a toddler on Christmas morning,” shares Ron. Meanwhile, Debbie plugged into God. She spent hours at the Brian House, a ministry to homeless babies with AIDS. They pursued separate loves: Ron’s was the material and Debbie’s was spiritual. “It didn’t take long before our separate loves did not include each other,” shares Ron. In 1988, after being married nineteen years Ron had an affair. Despite the hurt and anger, Debbie forgave Ron. Together they began rebuilding their marriage. They moved back to Fort Worth in 1998 and Debbie soon discovered a place called Union Gospel Mission – a place for the homeless. Debbie felt called to work at the mission and asked Ron to come volunteer with her. The mission had special significance for Debbie because she had a dream about it. She said, “I saw this place changed. It was beautiful with flowers and everything. It was crystal clear, like I was standing right here and it was the future already.” The next night she dreamed about the mission again – and this time, about a man. She said, “It was like that verse in Ecclesiastes. A wise man who changes the city. I saw him.” Debbie shared with Ron how she had seen the man’s face in her dream. A few weeks later she saw the man in the dining hall. He had errupted in anger over someone stealing his shoes. Debbie encouraged Ron to make friends with him. Ron was resistant because the man named Denver had just threatened to kill twenty people in the dining hall.

Denver Moore was born in rural Louisiana in January 1937. After several tragic events, he moved onto a plantation in Red River Parish with his Uncle James and Aunt Ethel, who were sharecroppers. Around 1960, he hopped a freight train and began a life as a homeless drifter until 1966 when a judge sentenced him to a ten-year term of hard labor in Louisiana’s state penitentiary, Angola Prison. According to Denver, he went in a boy and left a man. After his release in 1976, he was homeless on the streets of Fort Worth, Texas for 22 years. There were, however, a few brushes with the law that led him to ride the rails across America. He met Debbie and Ron in 1998 and his life was forever changed. He was quick to say, “He was a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody that can save everybody.” This self-proclaimed nobody became an artist, selling hundreds of original paintings. He also became a singer and self-taught piano player entertaining thousands. Denver’s mantra was “We are all homeless, just workin’ our way home.” For many years, Denver and Ron shared an amazing friendship. Debbie’s final words to Ron were, “Don’t give up on Denver. God is going to bless your friendship in ways you cannot imagine.” He even moved in with Ron after Debbie’s death. Ron says, “Together we wrestled with his demons and I guess a few of mine as well. There were major victories and a few painful defeats, but we endured and grew closer than brothers as we shared a common goal to carry Miss Debbie’s torch.” On March 31, 2012, God swung open the gates of heaven and welcomed Denver home.

This life changing encounter inspired Ron to write his first book Same Kind Of Different As Me – a story of hope and redemption. The book became a New York Times platinum bestseller and stayed on that list for more than three and a half years. The new Movie Edition of the same book includes updates on his life since the original book was published in 2006:

  • Ron and Denver began traveling and sharing their story after Debbie died from cancer in 2000.
  • Over the last 18 years, Ron has raised more than $100 million for The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM)  and Catholic charities and spoke at over 800 events since the book was published in 2006.
  • President Bush appointed Ron to the State Department Cultural Property Committee in 2007 to advise the President on diplomatic matters regarding international art and antiquities. He served until 2011.
  • Ron married Beth Walker in 2011. Together they direct the Same Kind of Different as Me Foundation in Dallas, TX.
  • The movie, Same Kind of Different As Me, opens in theaters October 20 and stars Greg Kinnear and Renee Zellweger.

In Same Kind Of Different As Me you will see the impact one person can have: from Debbie serving the needs of the people at her local rescue mission to Ron stepping out of his comfort zone befriending a homeless man; to Denver impacting lives near and far with his wisdom and compassion, their combined story continues to touch hearts and inspire action. Ron and Beth encourage us to change our world with one simple act of kindness. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Volunteer at your local homeless rescue mission
  • Tutor and mentor a child
  • Reach out to an old friend in need
  • Make a donation to a cause you believe in
  • Pay for coffee or lunch for the person behind you in line

Share your act of kindness by posting your story, pictures, and videos on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #SameKindMovie. Be sure to tag your friends to do the same and keep passing it on!

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