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Millennials: The Passion Generation

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Author, The Passion Generation, Zondervan 2018

Founder, Initiative Network which trains millennials to be Christ-loving, city changing, church-investing, disciple-making local missionaries

Has spoken to hundreds of churches around the world helping pastors, parents and business leaders on how to engage and empower millennials

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Grant grew up in Dallas, Texas.  One day in March 2006, Grant, now 29, went to church because he was told there were hot girls there.  Instead he heard the good news of the Gospel.  “I placed my future in the hands of a God who would never leave me,” Grant says.  Two weeks after Grant gave his heart to the Lord, a guy named Kevin challenged Grant to follow him as he followed Christ.  “I had no idea how important it is for a young Christian to be discipled by an older and more mature believer,” says Grant.  

Most people believe discipleship is a meeting over coffee to pray or to read the Bible together.  Over the year and a half that Grant followed Kevin, they only met up one or two times together.  Instead, Kevin wanted to know about Grant’s entire life.  “So that’s what we did together: life,” says Grant.  “Kevin gave me the opportunity to see into his life.  He didn’t just show me what he wanted me to see; he let me see all of it – the good, the bad and the ugly.” Grant wanted to know the Bible like Kevin did.  Eventually, Grant wanted to disciple someone just like Kevin discpled him. “Kevin’s willingness to pour into me is what has made all the difference,” he says.  “If it weren’t for him, I would have spiritually wandered for years, trying to figure it out.”

Grant says many people complain about his generation.  “I’ll be the first to admit that if we’re left to our own devices, my generation will go full blown Lord of the Flies trying to raise ourselves,” says Grant.  In 2015, the American Psychological Association reported that the millennial generation is the most stressed-out generation in America.  “We desperately need the wisdom of the older generations,” says Grant.  “A wisdom we have not been particularly good at seeking out.”  For starters though, Grant says his generation needs to apologize to the older generations for acting so entitled.  The older generations need to cut down on their criticism of millennials.  Everyone is talking about them but no one seems to be listening to them.  “We need to come together.  We are about to have a generational baton pass.  An African proverb says, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,’” says Grant.  So what do millennials want? Grant says they want to change the world.  “They want a cause to fight for and a community to belong to.”  

He believes that the church doesn’t have a millennial problem; it has a discipleship problem.  Grant reminds us of the Great Commission: to make disciples of Jesus Christ. It starts with measuring success in the church.  How many people are discipling others?  “We need to start measuring discipleship.  What you measure is what matters to you most,” says Grant.  The other thing millennials are looking for in a church is what is the impact the church is having on the city.  “They want to know, how is our city doing,” says Grant.  “How is the most cause-oriented generation in the world not connecting with the most cause-oriented organization?  The organization is neglecting the cause,” he says.  “There’s a lot of talk about making America great again.  What Christians need to do is make the commission great again.”

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