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Miraculous Cure for Incurable, Deadly Disease

Debbie White - 700 Club Producer
Michelle Wilson - 700 Club Producer

Like most boys, Cameron 15 and Caden 8, like hanging out with friends and fighting epic video game battles. But unlike most boys, these brothers waged a battle from birth against an incurable disease that almost took their lives.

Korene, their mother, remembers, “I knew there was something that was definitely wrong with Cameron. He had excruciating abdominal pain that would not go away. As a mom of a young baby that is constantly crying and in pain, my heart broke.”

Initial tests revealed nothing conclusive, so Korene and Darin were sent home with instructions to monitor Cameron’s diet and blood sugar levels.  “I was constantly asking what is wrong, what is wrong, and they couldn’t tell me.”

Months, and then years passed, and Cameron’s intermittent symptoms worsened.

“The doctors had no explanation for why he would get up and vomit, and he couldn’t move.”

Darin, Cameron’s dad says, “I think the biggest frustration for me was that I couldn’t do anything as a dad.”

“My continual prayers to God about my son,” Korene says, “was for answers.”

In 2007, when Cameron was five and a half, the Sturtzs, who also had two daughters, welcomed home his baby brother Caden.

Pediatrician Dr. Neeru Aggarwall followed both boys from their birth. “He started having the same episodes, but worse than his brother.”

Korene says, “I just thought, oh no, and I felt crushed, like now what?”

Daily life for the couple swung wildly from normalcy to grave sickness. Because doctors suspected hypoglycemia, the boys endured treatments including high doses of cornstarch and blood sugar monitoring 24 hours a day.

Dr. Aggarwall remembers, “Mom was excellent.  She spent many nights not sleeping, checking their blood sugar levels.”

“We would still pray and believe,” Korene says. “My faith, sometimes it would waver, and then the Lord would remind me he had the answer. The Lord just brought me to the scripture about the persistent widow who didn’t give up night or day. He just kept telling me to persevere.”

As the years went by, Cameron and Caden only got worse.

Cameron says, “there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t feel sick. I felt really sad and really depressed.”

Younger brother Caden says, “What I would say to my mom and dad was ‘I feel like I’m going to die right now,’ and I usually couldn’t walk. I was very sad.”

One harrowing episode left Caden near death.  His blood sugar plummeted to 30 and he lost consciousness.  He was rushed to the emergency room, and slowly revived. But then he had to endure more painful blood draws.

Korene says tearfully, “I just laid my head on his chest and said, ‘you can scream, you can cry, because I know it’s going to hurt, but just don’t move.”

After 8 years with no definitive diagnosis, Korene insisted that Cameron, now eight, and Caden, 2 and a half, be seen by a pediatric geneticist.

Dr. Aggarwall, “Genetics did an extensive work up and came up with a very rare genetic disorder, Glycogen Storage Disease. There is no cure for this disease. Chances of survival are low. I had to tell them about the complications that could lead to the death of the boys.”

Complications like complete liver and organ failure.

Korene says, “I was beside myself. I didn’t know if I was going to lose my boys.”

Because the health of both boys was rapidly deteriorating, they were admitted to a research program at the University of Florida. After more exhaustive testing, Korene and Darin were told that, within a few years, Cameron and Caden, who was no longer eating and now had a feeding tube, would likely die from the disease.

“All I knew is, pray,” Korene says. “I had the faith to believe that the Lord was going to do something, but I was afraid to ask him to heal them. The fear was if I asked the Lord to heal them, that he would take them from me, and I couldn’t think of life without them.”

It was during their darkest hour that Darin says he had a breakthrough in prayer. “The Lord gave me the scripture of when the Lord asked Abraham to give Isaac as a sacrifice and I went back and told my wife and said, ‘we’ve got to give the boys to the Lord, He wants the boys.’”

Not long after, in January 2014, 11 years after their ordeal began, the family attended a special revival service at their church.  That’s where Korene received the same message from the Lord as Darin.

“The Lord just took me to the place of complete surrender. He said, ‘I want everything, just give it to me.’ And I said, ‘OK Lord. if you take them I will praise you, and if you heal them, I will praise you.’ And then He said, ‘Now that I have control, go and get them because I am going to heal them.’ We get up to the altar, and I just see my oldest daughter laying hands on my boys, and then I hear my eldest boy saying, ‘Dad, I felt the disease leave my body.’”

Cameron and Caden say they will never forget that moment.

“I felt free,” Cameron says, “I felt like I could do anything and all the chains were broken over me.”

“I felt the disease leave my body too. I felt like I could run all over the place and I could eat sugar. It felt like a small piece of heaven.”

One week later, medical tests confirmed what the family already knew.

“We had all their blood draws,” Korene says, “and all their blood was normal.”

Cameron never received another treatment. As a precaution, Caden was removed from treatment slowly.

Dr. Aggerwall smiles broadly when she says, “The kids were completely back to normal. It is a miracle that the kids were so sick, and overnight, in a few days, the kids are perfect.”

“We laid our boys on the altar we gave them back to the lord,” Korene says, “and look what he did. God is a healer. God is a miracle worker.”

Cameron says without reservation, “I would be dead right now if He not heal, because he healed me and my brother.”

Caden says, “Just trust in God. Believe in him and don’t give up.”

Visit their website at www.revivethe5.com.

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