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Miraculous Milestones with William J. Federer

Is the cancel culture attempting to cancel God from academia?

Students risk being failed, and teachers fear termination if they openly acknowledge a Creator!

Yet many of the pioneers in science believed in a Creator?

This is the subject of an exciting new book, Miraculous Milestones in Science, Medicine & Innovation: And the Faith of Those Who Achieved Them.

Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered Laws of Motion, Gravity, Calculus, & Optics, what did he believe?

NEWTON wrote more on the Book of Daniel and Bible prophecies than on science. He wrote: “This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel ... of an intelligent and powerful Being ... whom I call the ‘Lord God’”

Who was Robert Boyle and what did he believe?

"Father of Chemistry" idea of element, laws of pressure, supported missionaries, endowed the Boyle Lectures "Proving the Christian Religion against notorious Infidels ... for propagating the Christian Religion.”

Tell us the faith of famous astronomers, Copernicus, Galileo, Brahe, and Kepler?

COPERNICUS: heliocentric solar system “The Universe–wrought for us by a supremely good & orderly Creator.”

GALILEO: first to use telescope “The laws of nature are written by the Hand of God in the language of mathematics.”

TYCHO BRAHE: compiled accurate astronomical observations “Those who study the stars have God for a teacher.” 

KEPLER: assistant to Tycho Brahe, discovered Laws of Planetary Motion “O, Almighty God, I am thinking Thy thoughts after Thee!” 

Who were some notable black innovators & entrepreneurs?

ROBERT GORDON: slave; master let him keep coal “slack” – the coal dust that covered everything in the yard.; Gordon managed to make the slack useful to industrial customers and eventually bought his freedom; opened coal business in Ohio; survived coal price war; helped with Allen Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1824; donated coal to a military hospital during Civil War; wealthiest black man in Ohio; left in his Will $25,000 for home for aged colored women in Cincinnati and $1,000 to colored orphan asylum.

PAUL CUFFEE: Quaker, trans-Atlantic shipping business, founded Quaker meeting house in Sierra Leone, Africa, first African American to meet a President, James Madison, accumulated over half million dollars.

CLARA BROWN: ex-slave, moved to Colorado during Gold Rush, Colorado’s first black settler, Aunt Clara established laundry, mid-wife, cook, nurse, maid, founded Sunday school & prayer meetings in her home, hosted the first Methodist church services. “I always go where Jesus calls me.” She invested in real estate, owned 7 houses in Central City, 16 lots in Denver, part owner in mines, 1885 voted into Society of Colorado Pioneers.

JAMES FORTEN: Quaker, joined Continental navy, fought in Revolution, imprisoned on British starving ship, after War apprenticed as sailmaker invented a sail-making device, made a fortune, employed blacks & whites enlisted 2,500 black volunteers to defend Philadelphia War of 1812, vice-president of the American Anti-Slavery Society, worth $100,000 equivalent to $2.5 million today.

You can purchase a copy of Miraculous Milestones on William J. Federer's website, American Minute.

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