Election 2016: Not Suitable for Kids?

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The presidential election has become R-rated. And so many parents say they're trying to find age-appropriate ways to explain what's going on to their children. Accusations involving vulgar language and sexual assault are inundating social media and our airwaves. 

How should parents respond if their kids ask questions?

"I think you make it a biblical teaching moment for kids to say, 'Look, even the best of us, even the president of the United States, someone that we should esteem and hold in high value, even folks that are running for office have problems,'" CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody said.

Brody noted that the political climate has become toxic, with both Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton making serious accusations against the other. 

"Our politics have been so polarized for so very long that what you get... is you get a lot of trash talking, 'playground talk,'" Brody said.  

"Let the kids know this is why we need you engaged in the political process in learning about the issues, in learning about the culture around you," he continued. "Because we need you as the next generation because look at this generation. You can see that we're having problems, so it will be up to you, to the next generation, to fix some of the problems that we have now."

His best piece of advice?

"Tell your children that you play to an audience of one and that's Jesus, and that's it..." Brody said. "God looks at the heart, and if you're trying to please God and He knows your true intentions, and they're heartfelt, then the rest will take care of itself."

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