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Mommy and the Joyful Three 02/14/11

Seeking God By Example

Children imitate their parents. With that in mind, we must provide our children with a good example of how to worship, pray, and live godly lives.

Last Sunday at church, I let my anxieties leave me as I worshiped the Lord with my whole heart. Often, I am even brought to tears by the miracles I see God doing in my life and around me.

My oldest daughter tapped me on the shoulder while I was praising God and asked me why I was crying and closing my eyes. I whispered to her that I was thanking Him for everything. As I began singing again, I saw my daughter emulating me out of the corner of my eye. It was beautiful to see her, so young and eager to praise the Lord.

Ephesians 5:1 says: Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.

As a child, I would sit on the ground and watch my Dad as he worked on cars. I took in everything he did with admiration and an enthusiasm; I so badly wanted to be like him.

Just as children strive to please their parents and learn by mimicking them, we should always strive to be godly, learning all we can from His teachings. We need to eagerly sit at the feet of Christ wide-eyed and willing.

Children crave time with their parents and would sacrifice anything to be with them when they are young. We should be the same with our own relationship with Jesus. Nothing is more important than spending time worshipping and learning about God. A plus is, if you always seek Him in your life, your children will learn to seek Him as well.

Following God is the best thing you can do for your children as a parent. Our guidance comes from the Lord; with this guidance, we are able to parent with a love that only God can show us.

Great Ways to Show Your Children God’s Importance

Praising God

You do not need to wait for Sundays to worship. Keep a great worship CD in your car or at home for times when you really need to be lost in God’s presence. Invite your children to join you and encourage them to throw their troubles, joys, and questions at the feet of Jesus.

Praying Together

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to pray with your children and to pray as a family. Some choices are not easy; no matter the size of the problem, showing your child who your answers truly come from, the Lord, will teach them to desire His council.

Read the Bible Together

Familiarize your children with stories from the Bible. When your child has a situation arise that can be compared with a Biblical story, show them how relevant God’s teachings are to our lives.

Surround Yourself with Christian Guidance

Call upon those who will give you encouragement when you have a problem. Show your children that you choose to solve your problems rather than complain about them to others. This shows them the importance of gaining Christian council.

Most importantly, put God first always. No matter where you are, always show that you are living for God and striving to be like Him.

Our children will learn from us. They are studying us just as we should study God’s teachings. If we pound the floor in anger or raise our hands to worship, they are watching.

What aspects of your relationship with God do you feel are important to show your children?

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