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The Money Decision That Changed Her Life

Tim Smith - 700 Club Producer

Introducing Briana Jay. She’s a co-leader of the singles ministry at her church, she has a heart for millennials, and she uses her Youtube channel to reach as many as she can.

“I just want to teach people the word of God in a way that they've never heard it,” says Briana. I want to let people know that it's time to go to another level in your walk with the Lord.”

Briana also works as a customer service rep at a bank, but before she started giving, she struggled with her finances.

“It was still living life broke, you know, paycheck to paycheck. Not even paycheck to paycheck. Paycheck, negative account, then paycheck; do you know what I mean? The hardest part was just not being able to afford groceries. I would just eat Ramen Noodles and I'd be so grateful if I got to work and somebody would like offer me something, and I would just try not to look so hungry, do you know what I mean? But yeah, I used to eat Ramen Noodles for lunch and dinner.”

Her pastor told her how tithing blesses others as well as those who give.

“It affected me because I was a leader at the church at the time. I was over a ministry. So how can I be over a ministry at a church and not live what the Bible says? I decided that I needed to start tithing.”

After Briana made that decision, she saw immediate blessings.

“I've been at my job probably a year, over a year-and-a-half, yes, and I received four pay raises, without even being there a year. My tithe then was $90 and my tithe now has pretty much doubled. So I’m doing great! And I'm not ashamed to say that. I know that doesn't sound like a lot to some people watching that, but to me it's everything to go to over, you know, I'm making so much more money now and although I have worked hard and I've done what I needed to do on my job, the favor on my life is what really has done it.”

Whether it’s with her Youtube followers, or just hanging out with a friend, Briana loves to share what God is teaching her about giving.

“He's shown me that when you rely on Him, you could do so much more with His hands than you can do with your own hands. Yes, you may be making a large amount of money. You may be making a small amount of money. Whatever it is, God can use it and do so much more with it than you ever could.”

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