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Catching Faith 2: The Homecoming: DVD Review

Catching Faith 2
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September 3, 2019


Garrett Westton, Lorena Segura York, Alexandra Boylan, Nicole Weider, Dariush Moslemi, Bill Engvall, Bethany Peterson


John K.D. Graham

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Catching Faith 2: The Homecoming, just released on home video, is a sweet sequel about a Christian family, the Taylors, as they go through many seasons of life at one time.  Catching Faith 2 maintains a strong Christian, biblical worldview containing forgiveness, reconciliation, references to Scripture, and little objectionable content.

The movie begins four years after the first movie as Alexa and John Taylor eat dinner with Alexa’s mother, who lives with them and suffers from dementia. While eating, the pair get two separate video calls from their children. Their daughter, Ravyn, announces she’s engaged, while their son, Beau, informs the pair that a football injury prohibits him from performing at his professional level. Meanwhile, Alexa lands her dream job as a designer.

Beau and Ravyn return home to be with their family, and Alexa finds out Ravyn’s fiancée is the son of Alexa’s former best friend, Jezi. Things are no longer looking as bright.

Alexa insists she can “do it all” and tries to manage her ailing mother’s needs, plan a wedding, run a household, and start her new job on the right foot. Amid all the hustle, Alexa can’t help but feel like Jezi is taking away the experience of planning a wedding from her. Meanwhile, Beau begins assistant coaching a local football team, but he still can’t shake the bitterness of being off the field himself. To top it off, Ravyn learns her fiancée will be deployed overseas in less than two months.

Thankfully, Alexa and her children have many voices of reason in their lives that help them focus on what really matters in life. Alexa attends a women’s group that encourages her to seek help during the busyness of her life. Also, Beau finds a mentor-figure in the head football coach.

Will that be enough to get them through this season of challenges?

Catching Faith 2: The Homecoming showcases some great performances from the cast but sometimes suffers from unneeded background music, melodrama and abrupt transitions. Positively, the movie’s end provides a resolution that will satisfy most viewers. Some might not like that the grandmother with dementia is often the crux of some of the movie’s humor. That said, Catching Faith 2 maintains a strong Christian, biblical worldview containing forgiveness, reconciliation, references to Scripture, and little objectionable content.

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