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Corbin Bernsen: 'Pursue with Faith toward Heaven'

Corbin Bernsen stars in Sunrise in Heaven
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Drama, Romance


Corbin Bernsen, Caylee Cowan, Dee Wallace, Erin Bethea, Travis Burns, Jenn Gotzon Chandler


Waymon Boone

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For 8 seasons, actor Corbin Bernsen played the role of Shawn's cop dad on USA Network's Psych. This month, he's back in Canada filming with the original cast for Psych: The Movie 2 (set to air later this year).

Recently, I spoke with Bernsen on the phone for a few moments about the highly anticipated TV movie that reunites the popular Psych cast. But, more than that we talked about his new Christian film, Sunrise in Heaven, which led to a deeper discussion about his personal faith and how prayer plays a big role in his life.

Originally approached as a potential director for the film, Sunrise in Heaven turned into an acting gig for Bernsen. Time constraints dictated he stick with portraying the film's protective dad, Jim. The fatherly role is one he's, of course, played before - especially on Psych. However, this time, Bernsen's character is a strict military father to a beautiful daughter named Jan.

Watch a clip of Corbin Bernsen in Sunrise in Heaven:

Based on true events, Sunrise in Heaven tells the love and life story of Jan and Steve Hurst, how they met, fell in love, and how tragedy tears their world apart. Faith and prayer become important parts of their story and the film, something Bernsen appreciates, being a Christian himself.

"We're born into this unbelievable gift that God's given us," Bernsen says.

On this incredible journey we call life, most of us hit roadblocks, tragedies that attempt to and sometimes derail us. Bernsen has encountered his share of obstacles. But, his faith 'carries him through'.

"What doesn't kill you ... only makes you stronger in your faith and your relationship with God," he says. "If you have that faith, you have something that drives you through that, knock that obstacle, knock that evil, knock that problem out of the way. Pursue with faith toward Heaven."

"One of the ways to deal with that gauntlet is to pray," Bernsen says. "I pray to God, but very privately. It's a very private thing to me when I want to connect with God."

"I don't think it has to have a lot of holy words in it," he says. "Real prayer is you just communicate with your Creator. [Even if] you're yelling at God, you're still communicating with God. That's what God wants. God just wants the conversation. You can be angry. He's OK with that."

So, how does his faith fit in with his work in film and television?

"I think God put me in this position to be making films that appeal to people just like me, who are constantly exploring our faith, widening faith, getting closer to God, running the gauntlet."

Watch the official trailer of Corbin Bernsen's new movie, Sunrise in Heaven:

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