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'Dream Horse': Movie Review

Dream Horse movie
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GENRE:  Comedy/Drama

RELEASE:  May 21, 2021

STARRING:  Toni Collette, Damian Lewis, Own Teale, Peter Davidson, Joanna Page, Darren Evans, Anthony O’Donnell, Di Botcher

DIRECTOR:  Euros Lyn

STUDIO:  Ffilm Cymru Wales

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Inspired by a true story, DREAM HORSE follows the financial and emotional investment of an Englishwoman to breed and raise a racehorse. The movie has a mixes Romantic and moral worldview with Christian, Patriotic and a couple comments that are Anti-captalilst and stress luck in reference to witchcraft. For some foul language and alcohol use, Movieguide® recommends caution.

Jan Vokes was tired of living a mundane life until she got a bright idea to raise a racehorse. The Englishwoman, along with a select group of friends and acquaintances form a syndicate to breed two horses with the hopes of training a the foal to run with all the horsepower it can master.

With equal shares in the deal, Jan heads up the racehorse operation which literally gives birth to a horse they shareholders decide to call Dream Alliance—since it was Jan’s dream and multiple parties are involved.

Dream Alliance’s training starts off slow, then picks up when he wins a race! The shareholders are exatitic and grateful for taking the plunge into what was a risky financial venture. One shareholder, Hoawrd Davies takes such a finaical risk that he quits his desk job to pursue Dream Alliance’s well-being and marketing.

Later though, Dream Alliance has a hiccup during a race which injures his tendon so badly that horse experts believe he won’t be able to race again, or worse, even walk. Jan convinces the shareholders that the best course of action is surgery for Dream Alliance, rather than euthanizes the racehorse. Jan’s fellow shareholders are skeptical though, but ultimate believe if Dream Alliance can heal, it might have a promising return on investment.

All the drama comes to a head with a big race in. Scotland… will Dream Alliance be up to the track?

DREAM HORSE features Toni Collete as the protagonist as she pulls off a convincing English accent, like her 1990s movie EMMA. The movie’s pacing is easy to follow and illicit a sense of empathy for viewers along with a beautiful scenery and tender music to match. All in all, DREAM HORSE carries an inspirational tone.

DREAM HORSE is an engaging movie for animal lovers and will strike a chord with viewers who have experiences in financial risks to follow a calling. Ultimately, the movie has a mixed Romantic and moral worldview that marries dreams and taking care of others at the center of the plot. Additionally, there are some Christian, Patriotic and a couple comments that are Anti-capitalist and stress luck in reference to witchcraft. For some foul language and alcohol use, Movieguide® recommends caution.

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