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Exclusive First-Look: Valor on Full Display in New Doc, No Greater Love

Chris Carpenter - Director of Internet Programming

According to the latest data available from the Department of Veterans Affairs, more than 20 U.S. military veterans commit suicide each and every day.  This troubling statistic coupled with the fact that one in five veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) creates grave concern for those trying to transition back into civilian life. 

Nothing seems right.  Everything feels wrong.  For those soldiers who have battled through harrowing danger and extreme hardship on distant battlefields, the need for normalcy is paramount.  Unfortunately, the most difficult battle often looms in their own household.

“The only way a person can really come back from war is with love,” explains former Army chaplain Justin Roberts.  “And it has to come from friends, from family members, from neighbors, and the people you were fighting for …”

Roberts, who served in Afghanistan, did not carry a weapon due to military regulations for chaplains. Instead, he carried a video camera to collect footage of the trials and tribulations that his fellow servicemen faced on a minute-by-minute basis in some cases.

Roberts’ footage proved to be so raw and poignant that he was able to craft the first theatrical documentary filmed and directed by an active duty soldier.  Called No Greater Love, the award-winning film premieres in select cities nationwide this weekend to commemorate Veteran’s Day.  Audiences will get a glimpse into what the “No Slack” Battalion from the 101st Airborne Division encountered in Afghanistan and then follow them home as they attempt to find peace and healing in their personal lives.

CBN.com has been granted an exclusive first-look video clip to share.  Watch it now.

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