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Megamind: Movie Review

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PG for action and some language.


Action/Adventure, Comedy, and Animation


November 5, 2010


The voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, David Cross, Ben Stiller, J.K. Simmons


Tom McGrath


Paramount Pictures / Dreamworks Animation

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DreamWorks' latest animated movie is Megamind, which features the title character played by Will Ferrell battling his archenemy Metro Man, played by Brad Pitt.

Megamind's Story

In the beginning, the dueling superheroes are sent as infants from another planet, similar to Superman. However, once on earth, Metro Man is taken in by a loving family while Megamind ends up as the ward of a local prison.

The rivalry between Metro Man and Megamind develops throughout their childhood, as they attend a local school together. Disappointed he’s unable to gain approval from others the way Metro Man does so easily, Megamind decides to become a super villain instead.

The battle between super hero and super villain soon becomes legendary in Metro City, with Megamind bumbling his way through terrorizing the city while Metro Man gallantly stymies his villainy. The humble citizens are so grateful for their hero that they erect huge statues and shrines to Metro Man.

Spoiler alert: (Skip to the review) One day when Metro Man is called to save a reporter named Roxanne, Megamind defeats Metro Man. Emboldened by his triumph, Megamind takes over the city, engaging in all sorts of goofy vandalism that “terrorizes” citizens. After a brief period of reigning over Metro City, Megamind discovers he feels empty. Evil no longer seems fun without a nemesis to thwart his plots. So he trains Hal, a student, on how to be a super hero. A final twist, and his love for Roxy, changes everything for Megamind. Underpinning this good-versus-evil tale is also a love story between Megamind and Roxy. By changing his appearance to look like an average citizen, Megamind is able to spend time with Roxy without her realizing it’s the villain she despises for destroying Metro Man. When she finally discovers the truth, Roxy is angry, but finds forgiveness for the villain-turned-hero after he saves their beloved Metro City.

Is it Good or Bad?

There’s much to enjoy in Megamind. The animation is high quality and there are many laughs, even for adults, in this comedy. Will Ferrell and the DreamWork’s animators do a good job of bringing Megamind to life. There’s also some fun music.

Megamind is ultimately a story of redemption, the need for good to combat evil, and the ability to choose to lead a good life after making poor decisions in the past. The take away message is that it is never to late to seek redemption, even after making terrible mistakes. It also reaffirms the truth that evil is unfulfilling and that good will always rise up to defeat evil.

Young children may be a bit scared during a one particular scene of cartoon violence. There are a few “edgy” elements, but overall this is a fun movie that, with caution, can be enjoyed by older children and adults.

To read the full review, go to www.movieguide.org (caution: review contains spoilers).

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