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Colton Dixon on Faith and How 'Miracles Happen Like That'

Kimberly Carr - Digital Media Producer

The "American Idol" Stage

Season 11 of Fox’s “American Idol” introduced Colton Dixon to American audiences in 2012 where he soon became a household name when he was voted a fan favorite and made it to the top seven. For the next few years, Colton was living what some would consider a dream come true – touring, singing, album releases, and earning awards including the 2013 Dove Award for Best Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year.

Things have changed a great deal in Colton’s life since his television debut. When the “American Idol” commitment ended, so did the record label deal. It’s been nearly three years since fans heard new music from Colton, but after signing with Atlantic Records and spending a couple of years writing, Colton is back with his first song “Miracles.” The new tune offers up insight into his family’s journey, and a chorus you won’t be able to stop singing and dancing to.

I spoke with Colton recently about his new single “Miracles” and what he thinks the future holds.

“The future was in turmoil in my eyes – I was going through a season there. My wife said something that really flipped the script for us. She said ‘Instead of thinking of this like a setback, what if God is setting you up for what's next?’ And that sounded a lot better than what I was thinking! So, we stood on that and sure enough, when we applied faith to it, we started to see God work miracles – pun intended [laughs]. I was forced to kind of stop long enough to see the little things in our lives for the miracles that they really were.”

Past to the Future

I asked Colton when he knew he was supposed to be making music – not just professionally – but when did it become a part of him?

“I was 13 years old actually. I’d been taking piano lessons for a few years and was at a recital and my teacher, right before I went on stage, said that I should sing the song that I was going to play as well. 'I Can Only Imagine' by Mercy Me was one of my favorites growing up, but I'd never sang in public before. I was terrified, but I did it, I sang it. Man, I just felt the presence of God and I just knew that this was it. I didn't know what it's going to look like, of course, but I started pursuing it and we formed a band and I started doing musical theater. I just did everything with music that I could, and then the 'American Idol' thing happened. That was the big door that opened for me and for my sister.”

A gifted singer in her own right, Colton has plans to record with his sister Schyler in the near future, as well as trying to persuade his wife to join him. He’ll continue to be a Steinway & Sons piano artist, and honestly is ready to do whatever God speaks.

Miracles Happen

Colton and his wife Annie are expecting their own miracle soon. In February 2020, they appeared in People Magazine to announce the anticipated arrival of baby Dixon in the autumn.

“We’re going to be first-time parents and are so excited! We're so pumped. It was a little bit of a surprise for us…I've heard from pretty much everyone that you're never really ready, so that made us feel a little better. But, it's a fun season right now in our house.”

When I tell him that as of this moment, the single “Miracles” had surpassed a quarter million views on YouTube, he reacts with genuine surprise and humility at how people are responding to his music.

“They're why I do what I do. For a long time, I would show up to ‘work’ and think, ‘Man, all these people are here for me!’ And I guess in one aspect that's true, but they're not there so that I can get a big head. I feel like I'm there for them – they come to my shows because they feel like I can give them some things that no one else can. And ultimately, I'm just channeling Jesus. I think people are longing for hope and longing for Jesus, even if they don't know what it is yet. That perspective shift for me was huge – not only my career, but personally as well.”

Something you’ll notice if you follow Colton on any of his social media channels is how often he interacts with his audience.  He doesn’t just create the conversation; he actively participates in it. Recently, Colton asked people to share their own stories of miracles. Some mentioned brain tumors and diabetes, of relationships restored, and rainbow babies.

“It's wild. We released a filter on Instagram and Snapchat and maybe a couple other platforms as well that makes your picture look like the ‘Miracle’ cover art. It's a Polaroid and they share their miracle story. It's crazy to hear these stories. I had a couple share their miracle. They posted a picture of their wedding in the filter and they were saying how song of mine called ‘Through All of It’ actually lit the spark that restored their marriage.”

[Music] transcends all languages. It's the only universal language that we have here on earth. It’ll make you feel something and of course when you add truths in the lyric, it only takes it that much further. I'm really honored that the God uses songs. It's really cool.”

I think [everyday miracles] are really easy to miss. And He's a gentleman, so He's not gonna like rub your nose in it. He's always working behind the scenes and it’s our decision whether or not we want to tap into it. Trust me when I say you're better off, if you do. You will appreciate more and you'll live life more fulfilled.”

Update April 2020: Colton and Annie have announced they are expecting twin girls!

Check out the video for "Miracles" below!


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