My Dad, My Hero


In honor of Father’s Day, a tribute to my 83-year-old dad Neal Conley, who is as terrific a role model as they come.

Here’s a few of the things I love and admire about him:

First, he still has the enthusiasm of a cute 5-year-old who is charmed by the world:  He gets genuinely excited about ice cream, pizza, his wife, his grandkids and following hard after God.

Second, he keeps his eye on the prize:  he’s so passionate about following Christ and studying his Word, it puts me to shame.  He is committed to finishing well.  He loves his wife and family with all his heart and holds their spiritual growth as a top priority, regularly praying for and exhorting us all with notes and conversations that inspire.

Third, he’s an encourager.  He finds ways to specifically compliment me for the way I parent, write a story or give a gift.  He also finds ways to encourage others in his daily life.

Fourth, he’s fit!  In the summer, he bikes some 2,000 miles with my mom.  The rest of the year, he’s working out 6 days a week at his local fitness club.

In short, he and my mom are my heroes.  If I can live anywhere close to how well they’ve lived their lives, I’ll be grateful.

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