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North Carolina Flood Victims Grateful for Helping Hand

Aaron M Little - 700 Club Digital Media Manager
Andrew Knox - Vice President, The 700 Club

As cleanup from Hurricane Matthew continues in the hard hit communities of Fayetteville, NC, Susan struggles to put her life back together after the terrifying ordeal.

“I was very frightened,” says Susan. “I started to panic and my husband was trying to calm me down, because by that time I thought we should have gone to the evacuation center but it was too late.”

Behind the family’s house is a creek which is at least 20 feet below property level, but the water level would easily rise above that leaving a water line on their home 4 feet high.

“And we were just, totally did not expect that…to be sitting in your house and night and water coming up, you know, from the floor up,” says Susan.

The damage left by the floodwaters was overwhelming.

“My husband and I were turning in circles basically,” says Susan. “We didn’t know…we didn’t know what to do next and I turn my head and these two ladies come walking up and tell me who they’re from. And I just told ‘em it’s just such a blessing because I watch Pat Robertson every day and pray with him and see Operation Blessing.”

Operation Blessing Vice President Jody Gettys was one of those ladies.

“And when I heard Susan’s story, she’s legally blind, her and her husband are older, they’re by themselves. They need people to come help her and so when I heard that, we had to send some volunteers over this way.”

Operation Blessing volunteers were able to help the Johnsons begin the long road to recovery.

“The Lord is good. He always provides,” says Susan. “He has a plan. I know there’s a plan in this. This just means the world to me and I feel like if everybody knows what a blessing it is to me, that they need to also give so that they can give it to someone else that needs it to.”

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