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Helping a Sinking Single Mom

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Rocio is pretty sure she knew why her boat sank into the shallow waters of the Amazon near her home in Peru.  She has been constantly patching it for years.   

“One morning, I found my canoe sunken, muddy and torn,” she said.

She had used the small handmade craft to ferry people up and down the river. After her husband abandoned her, it was her only source of income to provide for her elderly mother and 3 children. Now it was gone.

“I said to myself: ‘How can I use it now?’ I was so desperate.”

We learned about Rocio’s situation because her son attends an Operation Blessing sponsored preschool in her community in Iquitos.  

To help the struggling family, we gave them an emergency supply of food—until a craftsman that we hired could build Rocio a new, much larger boat.  

“I am so relieved and happy because I have this new boat to work and provide for my children,” said Rocio with a smile.

Now she is busier than ever, her new water taxi always seems to be full of passengers.

“Thank you Operation Blessing for giving me a beautiful boat. I feel very happy.”

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