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Neck Deep in Dirty Water

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Every day, even when she was pregnant, Lilia waded into the river near her home to fish. 

Lilia spent most days neck deep in the water setting her nets near the shore.  Here the fish are smaller and less plentiful. Some days she caught nothing so she and her children went hungry.

“My kids know after fishing, I buy them food,” said a tearful Lilia.  “They said, ‘Mommy, I want bread.’ I didn’t know what to do.  I cried.  I said will eat bread tomorrow.”  

Most people on Amazon here in Peru fish with a boat.  But Lilia didn’t have that option. Her  ex-husband took their boat when he abandoned them. Lilia has been raising a son, a grandson and was pregnant with her daughter.  Desperate thought filled her mind.

“I owed money to some people,” she told us.  “When they came looking for me, I thought about killing myself.”

That’s when Lilia went back to church.  She hadn’t gone there for years.     

“I knelt down and prayed ‘Lord, forgive me.’  I felt like a weight lifted from me!, I felt free.  I had good thoughts,” said Lilia.

Soon she met someone from Operation Blessing.  After learning about her needs, we hired a local craftsman to build her a new boat!   

“When they put the boat in the river I couldn’t stop thinking: ‘Is this really my boat?’  My mom said ‘Yes, it’s your boat! Thank you, Lord! Thank you. I finally have my boat,’” said the grateful mother.

Lilia and her son now bring in a decent catch each day, and she has money for food and expenses.       

“We are no longer struggling financially and I can say that, thanks to Operation Blessing, we are well!”

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