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A Flood of Heartache

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Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Feliciano and Aurora Andrade didn’t know what to do after a catastrophic flood inundated their Texas home.

“Half of the sheetrock and insulation, all of the flooring, all of the furniture…everything had to be stripped out of the house,” Feliciano recalled.  “And it became a very pitiful sight.”

The Andrade family did what they could to keep their spirits up.

“Everything has a reason on why it happened,” says Aurora. “We have a lot of faith in God.  I had to tell me husband every day that it’s going to be ok."

“The biggest disappointment for me was seeing the pile,” Feliciano says tearfully. “Nearly 40-years…just out by the road.  It’s still hard for me to see.”

Even before the flood, it was difficult to have three generations living under one roof.  The boys are still dealing with the grief of losing their dad in a car accident.

In the wake of the flooding, Operation Blessing set up a base of operation in Rosenberg, Texas.

“That’s where Operation Blessing became a blessing to me,” Feliciano recalls.  “They sent in a group of volunteers and they went ahead and took everything out of the house, took the sheetrock to about four feet.”

But the Operation Blessing team wasn’t finished.  We asked the family to stay away for a couple of weeks so we could get a little extra work done on their home.

“We never thought that this was going to happen,” Aurora said.

“When we saw everybody and the big banner welcoming us home, we opened the front door and never expecting what we saw,” Feliciano said. “Wow, a complete home.  I would never have guessed and I don’t think anybody would have guessed that.

Operation Blessing and their group of volunteers could do such a job, in such a short time.  And it’s truly a blessing for us.”

“This was just beyond our wildest dreams,” says Aurora.

“As a father, after seeing what I’ve seen, it was overwhelming,” says Feliciano tearfully. “To have our lives put together again.”

With the flood damage taken care of, Feliciano and Aurora can now focus on helping their family heal.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” says Aurora. “Thank you so much to all of the people, to all of the donors and Operation Blessing, all the volunteers."

“When I hear the words Operation Blessing,” Feliciano says.  “I see the faces of all the people that were here helping, and of course, all I have to do is look around…here it is.”

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