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Barely Escaped ISIS Attack

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Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Sandra and her brothers and sisters have struggled to survive as Christian refugees ever since their family was brutally attacked by ISIS.

Sandra’s father, Wissam, said, “Masked men with guns broke in the door of our home in Mosul. They beat me over the head. Then they handcuffed me and threw me into a hole in the ground.  They locked me in to die.”  

Sandra’s mother, Anwar, said, “They told me they were going to kill my husband as they dragged him away. I thought I lost everything, so I just sat on the floor and cried.”

Wissam was held captive in the hole for 3 days with no food or water.  Then American and Iraqi forces rescued him, and he was reunited with his family. They made their way to Amman, Jordan.

Wissam said, “I have nothing. The government won’t let us have regular jobs, and I spent everything I had to get us away from ISIS.”

Anwar added, “We can only feed our children one meal a day and they can’t go to school because we don’t have money to register them. It’s unbearable seeing them go without, but I have faith in Jesus.  That’s something ISIS could not take away from me.”

After Operation Blessing learned about their problems, we took Wissam grocery shopping for meat, rice and fresh fruits and vegetables. We also got the family powdered milk, diapers, and other things for the baby.

Anwar said, “My refrigerator was completely empty, and we didn’t know how we would get food. Now my children have good things to eat.”

We also found out the whole family was freezing in their bare floor apartment during the winter.   So, we bought them carpet and a gas heater they can also use for cooking. And we got the kids new winter clothes.

Sandra said, “Before, we were super cold and now it’s much better.”

Sandra and her brothers and sisters were enrolled free of charge at our Operation Blessing funded Christian school.

“I love the school so much,” said Sandra. “My favorite part is learning about Jesus and how to be a good Christian.”

Anwar said, “My husband and I are so proud of them. We’re all very grateful for this opportunity.”

Wissam helps out around the school, and in return, we help him with his expenses. With the support of Operation Blessing, Sandra’s family is doing much better than before, and their hope has been restored.

Wissam said, “My children now have a chance for a good future and you have helped me forget the problems of the past.  I pray you will be blessed by God.”

Anwar said, “Jesus sent you to us and I’m very thankful. I’m so happy to have you in our lives.”

Sandra added, “Thank you for all the help you’ve given my family. It makes my heart feel glad knowing that you think about us.”

Did you know?

CBN partners help proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel to 159 countries and territories in 75 languages with 57 years of integrity. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

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