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When Seun-gwn was born, his mother, Lilian, cried, not for joy, but for fear.

Lilian explained, “The day I gave birth, my baby and one other were born with cleft lips and pallets.  The other baby died. I was so scared. I thought my boy would die, too.”

Seun-gwn survived, but every day was a challenge.

Lilian said, “Although he is a happy baby, he often struggles to take milk or even breathe, and he sleeps very little. I placed Seun-Gwn in the hands of God. His name means victorious, and I believe he will be victorious.”

Lilian took Seun-Gwn to Kibuye Hope Hospital, which is supported by Operation Blessing. Soon, Seun-Gwn got the surgery he needed, for free.  He was victorious.

“This is a miracle!” exclaimed Lilian.  “To me this was a big problem, but for God it was small.  He is so handsome and strong now!  Through you, God answered my prayers. As he grows up, I will remind him of what God did for him. Thank you for helping us.  May God bless you.”

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