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All across the U.S., people have suddenly found themselves out of work due to the Coronavirus. Operation Blessing’s partners like Destination Church are stepping up to meet the unprecedented need.

Niki Spivey, Destination Church’s Food Bank Ministry Coordinator, says, “Because of Operation Blessing and what they do across the nation, we are able to bless hundreds of people each week with groceries. We are able to serve twenty-one counties throughout the state of Georgia and North Florida. So we are so thankful to be partnered with Operation Blessing, and be able to get groceries to those families.” 

…Families like Misty’s. She recently began volunteering with Operation Blessing and DC Downtown. She and her husband are struggling during the crisis, but thanks to Operation Blessing, they’re getting the food they desperately need to keep them going. 

“I have a small concession business that we normally run, and with the COVID-19, we’re out of work right now,” Misty says. “It really touched me, and so I just wanted to help the community back and I decided to volunteer. It’s just a way I can give back a little of what y’all have done for me.”

Even after the pandemic passes, Destination Church will continue to distribute groceries and household items to families in need. 

“The food that Operation Blessing has provided for DC Downtown to give out to us has been a wonderful blessing,” says Elaine Glass. “A lot of people would be in desperate need if it had not been for them.”

 For everyone who gives to Operation Blessing, we are so very grateful and thankful for you,” Niki shares. “Keep doing what you’re doing, because none of us can do what we do without you.”

“Thank you,” Elaine says, “because, if it were not for you, through this pandemic we’re going through, many times my family would’ve had to do without. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless you.”

“For those of you that do support Operation Blessing,” says Misty, “y’all have been a savior to our family, and we really truly appreciate it, and just thank you from the bottom of our heart.”

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