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A Single Mom’s Desperate Prayer

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Central Java, Indonesia

40-year-old Diana still remembers the day her husband left her with three small children to raise.    

“My children were very little,” she told CBN. “I had to leave them alone at home to go to work. If I didn’t work, we didn’t eat!”

Diana did everything she could to provide for the kids. She sold food and drove a motorcycle shuttle for school kids. But ever since Covid-19 hit Indonesia, schools have been closed and Diana has been out of work. It was not the first time she had felt this desperate.  

“I remember there was a point when I wanted to commit suicide because the burden was too heavy,” she said through her tears. “I couldn’t handle it myself.”

Diana is a Christian. As she prayed, she wondered if sending her kids to an orphanage would be her only option.   

“Every time I saw them, I put that thought out of my mind. I said ‘God, please strengthen me. I really love my kids and I don’t want them to live in an orphanage,’” she recalled. 

Operation Blessing in Indonesia has been assembling thousands of food packs with rice, eggs, oil and other essentials to help vulnerable families like Diana’s. She was grateful when we delivered food to her door. 

“I really thank God that he sent you to help us with the food pack. And I want to thank the people who made this happen in our life!”  

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