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Joy in the Midst of Pandemic and Poverty

Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Port Richey, Florida

Because of Covid-19, many families have lost their jobs and now rely on food banks to help feed their families. In Port Richey, Florida, they go to Operation Blessing partner, Volunteer Way.

Alice Delgardo said, “We had this pandemic called the Coronavirus, but we already had a pandemic before corona hit and it’s called poverty. So now we have poverty and we have the Coronavirus, and now they’re together.”

Kim Miller explained, “I’m retired, and I live on a fixed income, and everybody’s shut down and wife’s out of work. It takes all my income to just to pay the rent and the bills, and that leaves nothing left for food.”

Roy Christofferson said, “I’m an ex-Navy Veteran. I’m 100% disabled. I can only do so much, and the rest is out of my control. My biggest need is food. Considering I have rent and bills like we all have to pay and leaves me very little at the end.”

Anyone who needs food is welcome. They simply drive through the distribution as volunteers keep their distance and place food and supplies directly into cars.

Linda Cook said, “My refrigerator’s empty, and these guys been wonderful.”

Kim said, “We have two children and two grandchildren living with us, because they had nowhere to live. When your grandkids want something to eat and you don’t have it, say, ‘Will we be paying the electric bill or you guys get Fruit Loops.’ This really helps, because now I know at least the kids are fed.”

Roy said, “They provide me with a wonderful sustainable food and vegetables and bread and meats and milk and juices. I couldn’t afford it otherwise. I know that I can go home, take care of myself, take care of my loved ones.”

Operation Blessing partners are helping feed families in Port Richey and across the United States.

Linda said, “This is God sent. I am so appreciative of this. Please, please, please keep donating. Any little bit helps.”

Alice said, “Thank you so much for your heart, for your compassion, for your devotion, for your giving, because your donating allows us to be able to help so many people across this county alone. So, it’s just, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you with a grateful heart.’” 

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