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Outreach Center Lifts People From COVID-19 Financial Turmoil 

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a huge toll on Americans, both physically and emotionally. For Sandra Barfield, it came after multiple devastating losses.

“I lost my brother, both my sisters, and my mother in the last four and a half years,” says Sandra. “That has been really hard. Then I started not being able to buy food because my money didn’t go far enough to be able to buy groceries. So the day that I come over here, I was at probably the lowest that I’ve been. I was over on the interstate and I thought how easy it would be just to plow into another car and just end it all, just end all this pain, all this hurt.”

Then she found Operation Blessing partner, The Outreach Center. Volunteers gave her a warm welcome when she arrived. 

“They just kind of started talking to me, and I was squalling, I was crying, and I said, ‘I am so broken. I can’t even begin to tell you how broken I am and how numb I am,’” Sandra shares. “And they both said, ‘Can we pray with you?’ It felt like I was cleansed. Like I was reborn. That was the day of my healing. I didn’t really know what love was. I didn’t really know that there was people that could love you unconditionally and give people food, good food, I mean, really good food. Then, all the sudden, I had enough money to pay all the bills. I was able to catch the bills up. I just kept saying, ‘Jesus, I can’t thank You enough! I can’t thank You enough!’”
Sandra is especially thankful to the partners of Operation Blessing. 

“God is so good that He’s blessed these people and laid it on their hearts to be able to help people like me,” she says. “I’ve never felt so much love. I don’t feel alone anymore. I appreciate ‘em more than they’ll ever know, and God’s gonna bless ‘em beyond belief.”

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