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If Only He Could Swallow Food

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Juan was born with a cleft palate. He lives in a small Guatemalan village with his older brother and sister. Violeta is his mom. She is a 29-year-old single parent, who struggles just to feed her three children.

"Sometimes I wash people's clothes and make tortillas from corn flour when someone hires me," Violeta told CBN.

But, helping baby Juan to consume enough calories has been her biggest challenge.

"Milk and food fell from his mouth. He was eager to eat and drink, but he could not swallow. It dropped through his lip," said Violeta.

Even Juan's sister Kristal knew her little brother was in trouble.

"He got very thin and couldn't eat anything," she said.

"At one point, Juan lost nearly half of his body weight because of an illness and because he wasn't eating enough. He had to stay in the hospital for a week. He almost died," his mom said. "I prayed and asked God to send me people who could help my son. He answered my prayers when you came!"

When CBN met the family, we quickly arranged for Juan to travel to the city to receive free cleft lip surgery. Now, Juan is gaining weight and looking great.

"The doctors sewed his lip and now he is very pretty!" said Kristal. "I am very happy. Thank God they operated on my little brother."

"If you had not come, there would have been no surgery," said his mom. "I bless CBN for helping my son, for being the miracle that I needed for him."

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