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How to Teach Kids Values

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Julie Blim - 700 Club Producer

Andrew has a passion for reaching kids with God’s truth. It stems from what he’s seen in our culture.

“Working the public schools, especially working in the prison system, you see a lot of young people who have made bad decisions," he says. "So, the Lord just put that burden — you start with them young.”

He also remembers the sting of unkind words when he was a boy.

“It caused low self-esteem in my life and I always thought I was never good enough," Andrew says. "And it just took Jesus to do a transformation to get that out of my system.”

Andrew’s wife, Bettye, also has a big heart for children.

“Well, I was a mom. And I worked in the school system for many, many years in the after-school tutoring program for the children and just being a secretary at the school," she says. "Our kids have so many challenges now to face that maybe we didn’t face as children... because with the Internet, with peer pressure. How about we have a big drug thing going on in our society.”

Andrew wanted to do something to help kids know God and think rightly about themselves. So in 2015, he and Bettye started an early morning Bible club.

“I started off with like five kids at the public school and they were just sitting there like this and like that. And, I didn’t catch on," he says. "And then the Lord says, ‘Well, you’re not getting their attention.’ Then, I was watching The 700 Club when Superbook came on. God said, ‘That’s what you need to do.’”

The Galliens begin the Bible club with the Lord’s prayer. Then, they talk about God’s goodness and pop in a Superbook episode.

“They’re looking and their eyes are sparkling and they’re paying attention," Andrew says. "Their body language gives it away.”

“It helps them to learn how to deal with the people. How about their peers? It teaches them all the values that we all need that the Bible teaches all of us," Bettye says. "It’s right there on Superbook. So, I love it. I love having Superbook. I really do.”

After watching Superbook’s Noah and the Ark episode, the kids shared what they took away:

Alyssa Jefferson: “It surprised me that all those animals could fit on one boat.”

LeDarien: “That Noah built the ark for 120 years.”

Malik Lewis: “He gave us the rainbow to show he would never flood out the earth again.”

Elayjah Monique Davenport: “They were saved by God.”

Beau Richard: “I learned that Noah listened to God.”

Alyssa Jefferson: “I learned you should always listen to God and God can help you through a lot of things.”

The rec center staff has noticed a change in the children who attend the Bible club and watch Superbook.

“The kids just got all in to it, all excited about it," says Veronica Williams. "I had kids that were talkin’ back. Now if they get off track, they’ll come and apologize. So, I do see a big difference.”

“Even the teachers at school notice that their behavior they’re more respectful, they’re more attentive in the classroom, more obedient. They try to respect each other as human beings,” Andrew says.

“Well, I just thank CBN. How about I thank The 700 Club for even coming up with Superbook? You know, that was such an inspired idea to do it," Bettye says. "And, you know, we get to not only do it for us, we get to share it with our community.”

The kids in the club: “Thank you, Superbook!”

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