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They Deserve What They Get—Or Do They?

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Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

When no one was looking, Thel sometimes stole things from her classmates. She believed her actions were justified because of the way they treated her.

"I stole pencils from them because they were bullying me!" declared the eight year old.

At home, Thel's mom needed help with the family business. But, she refused to do anything.

"I felt very frustrated and disappointed when she refused to help me," her mom told CBN.

Then one day at church, Thel watched a Superbook episode about the Ten Commandments.

"When I watched Superbook," said Thel, "I found out that stealing is forbidden. So, I decided that I would not make Jesus sad anymore."

After watching the Superbook episode, Thel told her Sunday School teacher that she had been stealing and repented.

"I asked Jesus to forgive my sin and be my Savior," said the young girl. "I promised not to steal anymore. I also prayed that he would help me make peace with the bullies."

Back home, Thel asked her mom to forgive her too. She promised she would listen and obey and change her behavior.

"It has been amazing," said Thel's mom. "Now, she helps me the first time I ask! I am so happy for the change in her."

Thel has also shared the Gospel with her classmates, including the ones who'd been bullying her.

"I share Jesus with them because I want them to know him too!" she said. "Some of them listen and they go to Sunday School with me. There, we watch more Superbook stories together."

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