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Pain Broke His Will to Live

Cheryl Wilcox - 700 Club Producer

In the west Texas panhandle where well water irrigates the arid land for crops, Miguel operates a well digging rig from dawn to dusk.

Miguel says, “It’s a very physical job but nothing ever stopped me. I didn’t know what tired was.”

That was until everything he ate caused acid reflux.

Miguel recalls, “I couldn’t hardly keep nothing down. It was terrible. It was like eating me alive. I would take stuff over the counter. It wouldn’t fix it. I mean I was just very, very sick from my stomach.”

Burning pain wrecked his sleep too.

 “I was really scared you know to die in my own vomit you know because that was how much stuff was coming out of me, you know. I would go to the doctor, and I would fall asleep there. Even sitting in the waiting room, I was just knocked out that’s how tired I was."

Increased dosages of prescription drugs failed to stop the acid reflux and searing pain.  Miguel battled constant fatigue.

“I’d get out of work, go home and go straight to bed a lot of times. I was just tired, and I couldn’t sleep at night.”

Years of sleepless nights and agony with every meal ruined Miguel's health and broke his will to live.

Miguel remembers, “The doctors couldn’t help me. I was getting worried because of the doctor telling me that it was getting to my esophagus, starting to eat it up, you know, and I only have one esophagus. Once it gets to that, it’s over pretty much, and I was giving up on life completely you know. That’s how much pain I was in."

To distract himself from the misery, Miguel often watched TV.

“I grabbed the remote control and turned on the TV. And, I was kind of, feeling sad because the same thing every day, the same thing every day, and start flipping through the channels, and it stops on The 700 Club. They said: 'we're going to pray.'

Pat Robertson prayed, “This acid reflux stuff…. Right now put your hand on your stomach your area there. “

Miguel says,  "It made me like sit up, and I turned it up! I turned I turned the volume up.”

Pat Robertson said, "In the name of Jesus receive a miracle touch!”

Miguel recalls, "I began to feel like burning inside of me. Like healing! I raised my hand that prayer was for me!"

Miguel exclaimed, “‘Thank you for healing me Lord, gracias Senor.’ I couldn’t stop touching my stomach, you know, that prayer was for me! And, I’ve been healed ever since. Here I am! I can eat anything. I won’t need to take acid medicine anymore. He healed me from everything. I share that with everybody. I mean I can't stop talking about it. I think there was more than one healing really, but I just love the feeling the energy and all that it gave me, I ready to go to work you know! I feel young again! I feel great again you know.”

Miguel adds, “But I want to thank Pat because God used Pat through his prayer and his words, and his believing Him that God still heals! And, here I am so joyful and thankful.”

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