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More than 60 percent of millennials are being crushed by student loan debt. Jordan Arnold, 24, is not one of them. At the age of 21, Jordan paid off $24,000 in student loans in under a year.

"I really didn't want to have debt over my head," he says. "It was tough moving back into the parent's house. I worked full-time from 8-5. Then, I went to a delivery job, working 75 to 85 hours a week for about 10 months. I'm a saver. Don't spend more money than you have, give to God what is his, and invest. I think we are called to be good stewards of our resources."

Jordan learned these sound financial principles from his parents, who are hardworking, midwestern farmers.

Jordan says, "They taught us a lot of biblical principles growing up and my mom would emphasize tithing. I was also thinking about my future family and that I wanted to be prepared."

Then, along came Emily, also looking toward the future. "I was able to catch on that he was very wise with his money and very careful with his spending."

As the relationship blossomed, the couple realized they had very different attitudes toward money.

Emily says, "My first thought with my money was what can I do with this for me. I was afraid that maybe he would be scared off by how I was spending my money."

Jordan was undaunted, and soon introduced Emily to the concept of tithing.

Jordan remembers, "She was hesitant, but she knew that was something she was supposed to do."

Emily says, "I was thinking, I don't really have that much to give."

Jordan says, "I think of the widow and the two mites. That she just gave what she could. God really knows what the true heart of the giver is."

"Putting that $5 in the bucket was difficult because at the time I was living paycheck to paycheck," Emily says. "I did grieve a little bit just because it was having to make a sacrifice."

Several months later, the couple decided to marry. But, the expense of their upcoming nuptials tested their commitment to giving.

Jordan says, "It's an internal struggle when you feel like God's telling you to give something and you don't feel like you have it to give."

In obedience, Jordan and Emily both continued to tithe.

When their wedding day finally arrived, everything had been paid for … in cash.

"Emily and I grew closer during that time because we are trusting Him and allowing Him to be king of our lives."

A few months later, Jordan, now a successful banker, received a bonus at his job.

"That was more than enough to pay for what we had given," Jordan says. "t was three times what we gave."

Jordan's bonus was followed several months later with a promotion and a raise. Then just four months after that, Emily got a new job as well, enabling the couple to increase their giving.

Jordan concludes, "Giving is a lot like exercising. The more we do it, the more we can see and reap the benefits and see the rewards."

Emily adds, "Through giving, we are able to feel so much joy."

The bottom line for Jordan?

He says, "Just be obedient to whatever He is calling you to do."

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