700 Club Member…at 13

Julie Blim - 700 Club Producer

Logan Holycross is a normal 13-year-old. He loves to read and hang out with his brother and sister. He even has a paper route. But unlike most 13-year-olds, Logan is a member of The 700 Club! It all started when he saw how CBN was providing surgery to children in places like China and Indonesia -- children born with cleft lips and palates.

“Just the fact that they couldn’t get medical care like other people, and I just felt so pathetic for those people and I thought, ‘this is my chance,’” says Logan.

Logan understands better than most how these kids feel as he was born with a cleft lip and palate. He’s had five surgeries so far. He knows what it’s like to be teased by other kids.

“My mom and dad have always taught me that I shouldn’t feel sorry for my circumstances, ‘cause there are people who have it a whole lot worse than I do,” says Logan.

So Logan told his mom that he wanted to join The 700 Club to help kids like himself. She explained that it meant a monthly commitment -- and Logan was ready.

“What was neat to see was his face light up and say, that’s it! That’s part of the plan. Right there,” says Joni Holycross.

“I figured even though there are lots of people around the world who are helping them, I could be a small part in helping, because I’d seen quite a few ads about how so much money could do so much,” says Logan.

How can a 13-year-old swing $20 a month? Logan does it by working hard on his paper route. He gives to his church too, a habit he picked up from his parents.

“…. he’s seen that over the years and said, ‘Now I have a revenue stream and the ability to help,’ so we’re proud of him,” says James Holycross.

“I just say you’ll really be blessed if you tithe and do what’s required of you, and even give more than what’s required,” says Logan.

Logan is thrilled to be a part of CBN. He knows how important it is to help kids like himself around the world.

“Just to encourage people that they should be a part of CBN, or any ministry for that matter, because what they will do will be a small help and end up becoming a big help,” says Logan . “I just felt great about it.”


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