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Pat Makes Pledge to Stand with Israel

Jarrod Anderson - CBN Films Producer/Director

On June 5, 1967, the Six-Day War began and Israel would reunite Jerusalem under Jewish rule for the first time in two thousand years. On the same day, CBN broke ground on the renovations for the old studio at WYAH in Portsmouth, Virginia.

“Israel is the Chosen People,” says Gordon Robertson. “They are the chosen nation. And so, in 1967 for CBN to break ground at the same time the Six-Day War was, for Dad an enormous significance that the two are now tied together.”

That bond was strengthened when Pat Robertson travelled to Israel in 1974 to interview prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

(Excerpt from 1978 700 Club broadcast)

PAT:  What would you ask of the United States?

RABIN: I believe if one wants to see any future to the free world, in the right sense to the democratic way of life, I believe without strong America the future might be not as hopeful as it can be with a strong America. 

“He knew that if America was strong Israel would be taken care of,” says Pat. “Well, I went back to our group that was with me up on the Mount of Olives, where we were staying. And that night, I made a vow that I personally, and any ministry that I was associated with, regardless of the cost, that we were going to stand with Israel.”

Pat began praying for a way to broadcast into Israel. Years later, he was offered a tv station in southern Lebanon.

“And here was one on the border of Israel and it was being given to me,” remembers Pat. “But I knew that I shouldn't put my hand on something in that volatile region without it being cleared for sure by the Lord.”

Pat prayed for a sign for confirmation, specifically, that he would receive something of gold as evidence that he should take the station. Days went by, but no gold. Until he checked his private mailbox. 

“Inside there was a letter and there was several pictures of gold coins, 24-karat gold, struck in a mold by Pablo Picasso, and he said, ‘I want to make these available to CBN.’ That was the evidence. So, I said, ‘All right, we've heard from the Lord and so we got the station.”

George Otis, Founder of High Adventure Ministries was there the day Pat Robertson acquired the station. “Pat Robertson, in the name of Messiah Jesus, I’m pleased to hand you the keys to Jesus Star of Hope television station, right here in the Holy Land.”

Former CBN Executive Michael D. Little was also there. “Spring of 1982, Middle East Television, a CBN-owned and operated Channel 12 TV station was put on the air.”

With access to twelve nations in the region, MEtv used popular programming like NFL Football, soccer, and the hit tv show “Touched by an Angel” to attract viewers. People then stayed tuned for The 700 Club.

“MEtv was the pioneer,” remembers Michael. “Nobody was doing that and it had awesome impact among the Arab-speaking population to the north towards Lebanon and to the east of Syria and Jordan, and across Israel.”

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