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Phil Robertson: The Theft of America’s Soul

Best-selling author, his latest: THE THEFT OF AMERICA’S SOUL, Nelson 2019

Founder/Co-Owner, Duck Commander Company

Star of A&E’s blockbuster show, Duck Dynasty

Host of new subscription TV series, In the Woods with Phil, on CRTV.com

Wife: Kay

4 grown sons

21 grandchildren

6 great-grandchildren

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In 1966, Phil was a student at Louisiana Tech University when Time Magazine published a controversial cover. “Is God Dead” blared across the front of the magazine.  It was a shocking question, but even more provocative than that was the supporting article. The writer stated that a radical band of theologians had argued that the church must accept the fact that God was dead and to “get along without him.” This mindset was a direct reflection of the tumultuous 60s where nothing was absolute: God was a myth, and sexuality and morality were relative. “Man could be the center of his own existence,” says Phil, who admits he, too, was led down the same road of deception. “It’s been more than 50 years since that Time article and almost as many years since I was freed from the lies written about in that article,” says Phil. “How was I freed? Only through an encounter with the living God.”

Phil’s days of debauchery reached their peak in 1975  He had lost his job as a high school teacher and opened a bar but lost it over a fist fight with the property owners. The owners pressed charges and Phil went on the run.  While a fugitive from the law, Phil took a job on an offshore rig in the Gulf of Mexico and partied with his friends.  “The more I chased my desires, the emptier I felt,” says Phil.  Later one night, Phil had an outburst.  “Guilt drove me to think it was my family who kept me from experiencing ultimate freedom,” he says.  “Maybe by pushing them away, I’d push the guilt away, too.”  Miss Kay piled the kids in the car and drove away in their VW.  Phil decided to make the most out of his newfound freedom, but it didn’t take long for the truth to set in.”  At the time, Phil didn’t have a relationship with God.  “I didn’t know my guilt was a result of violating the very real law of a very real and living God,” he says.  “Had I known the Word of God, maybe I would have understood that by choosing to violate God’s law, I had chosen judgment under the law.”

Meanwhile, Miss Kay, who had always believed in God,  had her own encounter with Him.  “I think it was the power of her prayers that wouldn’t let me wallow in my misery for more than a month,” says Phil.  When it became too much to bear, he drove his truck to her store parking lot and cried.  Phil agreed to meet with Bill, the preacher from his sister’s church.  That night, Bill explained the good news of the Gospel. The next night, Phil met Bill again.  That night, Phil gave his life to the Lord and was baptized.  “Down into the water I went and when I came up from that cleansing flood, I knew I was a changed man,” says Phil. At that moment, he decided to share the good news of Jesus with anyone God put in his path.
Phil says there’s a lot of bad news in our world today.  “Once you understand how bad the bad news is, you’ll appreciate the good news, and it’s really good,” he says.  Phil says lies are the only weapon the evil one has in his arsenal.  “He uses those weapons (of lies) against the human race, trying to deceive them so they’ll turn away from God.” Some of the lies and corresponding truths are:

  1. Lie: God did not create life.  Truth: God is the author of life and only He can nourish and sustain it
  2. Lie: There is no devil. Truth: The devil of the Bible is real and he is our enemy
  3. Lie: Laws can be ignored or changed if they are inconvenient. Truth: Law and order come from the Word of God
  4. Lie: Unity is not possible. Truth: Unity flows from a God-centered culture

“The enemy of America’s soul comes to steal, kill and destroy,” says Phil. He believes our nation can return to God if we recognize these lies and live in the truths of the Bible.  He says the truth of all truths is that God loves us so much He sent His only Son.  “That’s why I share the message of Jesus with everyone I come across,” he says.  “That’s why I tell them, how the good news will set them fre, if only they’ll trust it.”

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